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    Need to transfer my myanmar maid by CNY cos expecting my new one to be approved by this week.

    Brought her home on 31 Aug 08.

    Data: 23 yrs old, soft-spoken, single, Buddhist.
    Command of English: Minimal (Has been encouraging her to improve by communicating more with my children, 4 & 2 yrs)
    General housework: Acceptable (will follow your instructions, not more)
    Cooking: Managed to train her to cook a few dishes (fried rice, fried beehoon, sweet & sour pork, omelette, soya sauce chicken with ginger, minced meat & potatoes in soya sauce, potatoes and hotdogs in tomato sauce, fried cabbage) But she'll have to look at her notes while preparing some of them.
    Taking care of children: Not very enthusiatic but that was her 1st preference in her biodata when I brought her back. (maybe no chemistry with my kids)

    Comments: If you are the patient type who is not too picky, then you may want to consider her. I won't say she's very good, but as a 1st time maid, can still make do. Occasional forgetfulness though and needs a lot of guidance. As I'm delivering in 2 mths time, I need someone who can cook well and able to handle my kids. (My kids still have problems adjusting to her so I'm no choice but to change).

    Email me at if you are keen.

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