Need to reconfirm the procedure of birth registration without marriage cert

Discussion in 'Single Parents Support Group' started by bbc, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. bbc

    bbc New Member

    Hey, read some posts pertaining to child birth registration with inclusion of natural father's name and particulars without marriage cert. Is it true that it can be done by just the appearance of both parents at ICA with taking an oath by the natural father?

    I wrote to ICA and their reply seemed saying so, but they added the term "if the natural father is the informant of the child birth registration". So, what does 'the informant' mean?

    Any ideas and who has experience in this?
  2. dumbocarebear

    dumbocarebear Member

    from what i know, informant is the person who goes down to ICA to register the birth..

    with regards to your other question, sorry i don't have an answer.
    my baby boy is registered as single mother...
  3. bbc

    bbc New Member

    I found out the answer. Yes, you are right. And it's ok to register with father's surname as long as the father is present.
  4. viviianz

    viviianz New Member

    Im quite confused. will i be able to register my baby birth certificate with the dad name if i dont have marriage certificate?
  5. Jojoai

    Jojoai Member

    Yes just need the mom & dad to go to ica and say an oath in font of the officer. I totally regretted it.
  6. viviianz

    viviianz New Member

    what the meaning of say as oath in front of the officer? why regret? o.o:shyxxx:
  7. hapieger

    hapieger Member

    i spent $18 to add his name and another $4k just to remove his name from the birth cert..
  8. viviianz

    viviianz New Member

    huh. whyneed remove the name? Hmm.. when a child grow up he dont need his BC anymore.
  9. hapieger

    hapieger Member

    u will still need the BC for their pre-primary school admission.. need the father IC if his name is in the birth cert... and if the name of the father is stated inside the BC, he can fight for the custody of your child.
  10. viviianz

    viviianz New Member

    fight but not likely to win if he adultery or a irresponsible dad.
  11. hapieger

    hapieger Member

    but its gonna be a long, tiring and expensive one... it took me 1/2 yr just to remove his name and my case considered quite straight forward type as the father did not create "much' trouble for me.. i just pay and shut his mouth...

    acutally if u r on good terms with the father, then its ok.. its up to individual..
  12. sharpey

    sharpey New Member

    my fiancée and I are not married. We've just had a baby girl. Is there any way you know of to include both our surnames on the birth certificate without having to have one of surnames as the middle name. Partner is insisting her name is the surname.
  13. Mayi

    Mayi New Member

    Hi All, I am an unwed mother, edd Jan 2014.
    My partner is still married as he still holds a DBSS flat with his current wife and in order not to sell back the house to the government, they have remained married although they are 2 individuals now staying in the DBSS flat.
    Once the DBSS is due for sale after 5 years, they will sell the house and arrange for a divorce.
    i am sure I am not the only person stuck with a man in situation as such?
    Fortunately or some say unfortunately, I got pregnant..we want to have the child as we are not young anymore and we cannot wait for him to end his situation 5 years later cos he would be almost 50! and I would be past 40!
    In this case, does anyone know if I could put my partner's name as the father in my child's birth cert even though he is married to another woman?
    Will it create any implications for him since he is still under marital status?
  14. hanahuajie

    hanahuajie New Member

    I want to know also... how to register the birth under such situation... or i simply want to know if i could do the BC case is even more complicated than yours...
  15. Sgring

    Sgring New Member

    both father mother need to present during registering for bb birth cert. i born my daughter when i was 19 without marriage cert. that was 15 yrs ago. now i am not sure.
  16. tiny rabbit

    tiny rabbit New Member

    Without married Cert can still register the daddy name in the BC. But it can only done in ICA, not in hospital. Both daddy and mummy must be present, and the daddy will be the informant. Surname will follow daddy. Regardless he is married with other women, as long he is the natural father, his name can be appear in BC.
  17. dallon

    dallon New Member

    u can register yr child with the father's name. he will need to go down to ICA with u. both of u would then need to take an oath in front of the officer. on the bc, it would be written that parents are not married at the time of registration.
  18. Metta

    Metta New Member

    Rest assure that the child is assured of his/her birth cert & citizenship. Without a marriage cert, one shall travel to ICA directly. It might be troublesome because in most cases, normal birth registration is done at the hospital itself.

    It is your choice to put the father's name or not. If the child is ok and you are ok, please allow the child to come to this world and grow up well. Self-righteous people are aplenty and there is no need for these noises to harm a small life especially your own child.

    May you & all children be well:)
  19. ellyellie

    ellyellie New Member

    What if the father is not a Singaporean? Is the process at ICA still the same?
  20. flowerii

    flowerii Member

    Yes, still the same.

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