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hi, i saw many online blogs selling those taiwan bags & korean accessories which are pretty cheap... do all the mummies here prefer buying online or retail outlets? Are the pre-order bags in the link below considered cheap cos' i quite like the designs ...

Kido Accessories



cleocat is selling something similar between $9.50 - $12.80. depend on colour

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Ya agree, after comparing Kido & Cleocat, Cleocat is cheaper & some stuff are nice too. I found a few pieces quite nice thinking if I should order them.:bcool:


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hi there

i'm new to this site so pls excuse me if i made any mistake :) keke... i agree that cleo cat is definately cheaper but the quality of the products are not consistant. some can be real good some can be real bad. so it's like a 50 50 gamble. of course if u heng and receive the good quality products then it;s definately worth it :)


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if you guys are looking for comfy shoes, cos now cannot wear heels for 9mths haha at least for me. i love flats, i found this website selling shoes online singapore at very affordable prices! some even 9.90 ,somemore now got gss!


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I like purchasing online.
I buy online everything, beginning with accessories and ending with diet pills :)
It's convenient and much more cheaper!


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I'm buying Reductil online as it's not available in my county.
Online purchasing is simple and convenient.
No prescription needed, no staying in a queue, no effort... just a Visa needed and patience to wait for the order.


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I am buying my Reductil diet pills online too. I enjoy making my purchases of any Health Meds I need online. It's easier, you do not have to go to the doctor, no prescription. Of course, I buy online because I trust this online pharmacy that sells genuine and effective pills. They ship worldwide, very quickly, and professionally worked!:red:
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My first online purchase ever was this month. I bought generic reductil on and fortunately that was a positive experience. I received my order safely in the time-limitations. I will go on buying online as reductil is not sold in SG.


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I usually do not believe in the efficacity of all these pills sold on the Internet.

But I've decided to try Sibutramine .. I began with those of 10mg !

And I was surprised to see the good result just at the beginning.. !

I feel really good! My body is back to normal and I feel so full of energy that I could run a marathon! My husband and my children are also impressed about my new look! Thank you!I just ordered the redutil 15mg on - a good point is the fact that reductil must be taken as a contraceptive pill (same time) so I like ..

I will contact you for more details of this treatment ;)
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Hello all,
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