Pernatal Yoga


I wish to but not sure which gestation week to
start ? Currently is 13 weeks, have u attend
any prenatal yoga class? Any recommendation and


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Hi, I am at my 14 weeks and absolutely loving the pre-natal yoga at Mother's & Baby at Tanglin Mall and its very affordable at $30 per session :)


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Hey I'm about 14weeks now. $30 per session is cheap and I heard after 20weeks onwards is suitable for prenatal yoga already. ask me to join in too! :)

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Hi Mummies,

besides Mother's & Baby, do you know any other places to do prenatal yoga?
Im staying in Serangoon and working near Macpherson. Looking to join somewhere nearer to these 2 places.:eek:


Hi there!Prenatal yoga can really be beneficial to pregnant women so I encourage you to engage on it. This form of relaxation technique can aid back pain--which is very common in pregnancy as the weight of your uterus increases.


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Hello Mummies prenatal yoga is extremely good for health of the mother as well as the baby. I had also gone for prenatal yoga during my pregnancy. But be careful during any stressful exercise. :)
Any in the east to recommend? I am currently trying out the one at Old Badminton Hall and it's ok. Went once only.

What's the usual rate for prenatal yoga too?


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Yoga is beneficial because it helps you learn to breathe deeply and relax, which will come in handy as you face the physical demands of labor, birth, and motherhood. In fact, one of the first things you learn in a yoga class is how to breathe fully.


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Hi Mummies,
Is it even possible to practice yoga during pregnancy?
Before pregnancy, I was actively engaged in yoga, and I will do it after a certain time. By the way, maybe someone will be interested, I have a resource practice yoga . I have built my individual schedule on it and have been doing it for 10 years! With the help of yoga, I quickly get myself in shape! Good luck mommies!
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