Please help! Mount Ave or kk hospital? :(

Discussion in 'The Big Day' started by babyjas, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. babyjas

    babyjas New Member

    Hi All,

    I am 28 weeks pregnant, i really need help from all exp mummy here.

    When i know i am preg, i went to kk hospital for check-up as i do not have idea where to head to. So i just continue my regular check-up(with no appointed gyne yet), i just go to any doc that the system assign to me. The doc normally just see me for less than 5 min, and did not advise me much. (Like give me calcium tablets etc. or advise what i sld or sld not do.)

    Now that i see so much bad comment on kk hospital, i am little afraid that i made the wrong decision. :(

    Can anyone advise if i can switch to Mount Ave now? Or should i appoint gyne in kk hospital for my next check-up during December? What i should prepare? Kinda lost! :embarrassed:
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  2. Priya Diva

    Priya Diva Member

    Hi babyjas

    Just my sugestion. You can either book a gynea in KK [ depending on any recommendation from mummies from this forum] asap or go and book a gynea who delivers at mt AL.

    My sis-inlaw did not book a gynea in kk until she was 6 plus mths. She went to polyclinic for all her appointments. Last minute she cld not get the gynea she wanted and ended up with a gynea she did not like.

    As for me, i am going to my gynea at Chong pang [ his clinic] for all my appointments and am planning to deliver mt al. This is my 2nd delivery and delivering at mt al was a pleasant and good experience for my 1st one. :)
  3. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    yes u can go to Mt A anytime. but b4 u go, u shd source for a gynae. u can go to some threads here, some mummies reco some good gynaes from Mt A. cos Mt A is pte hospital, so u cant just go there and ask them to assign a gynae to u. u choose which gynae u prefer, and go to their clinic at Mt A. Some gynaes whose clinics are located outside but they deliver at Mt A too.

    As for KKH, Yes u can ask them to assign a gynae to u. Then u will be consider pte patient and see the same gynae every visit until u give birth and of cos, pay pte rate. Honestly speaking, since the price will be 'pte' rate, i rather u go to Mt A. =)
  4. babyjas

    babyjas New Member

    Hi both babe... :eek:13:
    Thankkssss for your reply, guess i sld quickly get a gyne 1st. Oh ya, Do you know est. how much cash need to fork out(after deduction of medisave), for nuture delivery for both KK and mt.ave?

    Hi Priya,
    Hopefully yr sis-in-law had a safe delivery, tot she get the gyne she did not want. And Congrat to u!! When are u giving birth to your 2nd baby?
  5. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    i delivered at TMC june 2009, via elective c-sect. total bill ard 6.4k, forked our ard 2.4k cash.. i believe that Mt A prices is more or less ard here. if u able to give birth via natural, maybe slightly lil since the pirce increase yearly.

    as for KK, i heard tt if u're under sub, means random gynae deliver for u, u hardly nd to fork out cash or mayb just a few hundreds buck. but if u choose ur own gynae, i not so sure alrdy. sry cant advise u on this =)
  6. shajalia

    shajalia New Member

    Hi Mummy,

    I am thinking of changing Gynae.. What is this Gynae clinic name at Chong Pang? Thot trying to have a follow up nearby.

    Is the doctor good?
  7. hihi, i had just delivered on the 1st at kkh and this is my second delivery. I had a specific gynae and i see her at the Private Suite in kkh for all my checkups.

    If you would like to take up the package in kkh, there are 2 types. One is the moment you in labour, they will inform your gynae who will come to attend to you and help you with the delivery throughout. As for the 2nd option, once u in labour, the doc on duty will be the one attending to u, and of coz this will be much cheaper. Then u got to choose the kinda ward u want, either A1 or B1 (4-bedded). If u choose A1 with your gynae helping with ur labour, upfront payment is about 2.2K, for B1 and own gynae is about $1278. Any excess they will return to u in the form of cheque.
  8. babyjas

    babyjas New Member

    as for KK, i heard that if you're under sub, means random gynae deliver for you, you hardly need to fork out cash or mayb just a few hundreds buck. but if you choose your own gynae, i not so sure alrdy. sry cant advise you on this =)[/quote]

    Hey, thank you.. you hv given me so much info.. ;P
  9. babyjas

    babyjas New Member

    When's your due date for your 2nd baby? Congrat to you!! You must be a exp mummy by now. :)

    Btw, i hv just made appt with a gyne, Irene Chua. Does the clinic charge the same for all gyne? Or different gyne different charges?

    By the way, do you rem how much(in cash) you paid for your 1st delivery?
  10. christinetan

    christinetan New Member

    I just delivered my second child @ Kandang Kerbau Hospital in Aug 2010. My gynae is Dr. KT Tan.
    FYI, Kandang Kerbau Hospital charge according to the rank of the doctor. Meaning, the higher the rank, the more expensive your check-up will be. I paid around $88-$100+ for every check-up (excluding medication).

    However, do note that they no longer offer the antenatal package (it was available in 2008 when I had my first child). Was a bit disappointed but I did not change hospital. Reason being, I'm comfortable with my gynae and the waiting time @ The Private Suite is short. I did write in to feedback and hopefully they will consider to re-instate this package.

    Below is my hospital charges based on natural delivery without epidural, Class B1 (4 bedded), 2 days delivery package.

    My final bill : $2657.72 - $2100 (Medisave) = $557.72
    As I had paid a deposit of $1278 earlier, therefore, just received the refund from Kandang Kerbau Hospital for $720.28

    Hope it helps!

    Christine Tan.
  11. babyjas

    babyjas New Member

    Hi Christine,
    So kind of you to provide me the information. By the way, the charges you wrote include your gyne to give birth for you?

    I just called KK Hospital, they advise the charge for Class B1(4 bedded), 2 days delivery package to be around $3400(before duduction of medisave).
  12. mummyyinz

    mummyyinz New Member


    I am having my first baby and I'm seeing Irene Chua now too
    She's a nice and professional doc, reco by a fren workin in KKH
    was initially seeing another gyne in KKH (referred from a private clinic)
    I'm having my consultation at the private suite which is fast !
    works like a private hospital ...
    ever once they mixed up and send me to the normal clinic, trust me ... you wont like to wait in tat packed and noisy clinic ...

    You can request to transfer u to the private suite if you want.
    charges I'm not too sure ... I only knw that the consultation's abt 10-20 dollar diff but u save 30mins min.

    rest will only find out the next appt ... thinking abt the total cost of delivery also ...
  13. christinetan

    christinetan New Member

    You're welcome. Yes, my appointed gynae is inclusive in the charges.
    $3400 is the estimated bill size which they will tell everyone. It's very hard to calculate now as no one will know what will happen on the actual delivery day. If your labour is long, additional delivery suite facility charge will apply. And also if you use epidural or assisted delivery etc...
  14. babyjas

    babyjas New Member

    Hey mummyinz,
    I am now 7 mths preg, how about you? I have been to the normal clinic many times. And yes, waiting time is so long, so i decided to appoint an gyne and my next appt on 26Nov will be at Clinic A. :) Have Irene discuss about the package with you? Heard that there is 2 package (Classic & Premuim)
  15. babyjas

    babyjas New Member

    IcIc.. very clear about the charges now. All thanks to you.. :p
  16. mummyyinz

    mummyyinz New Member

    My next appt is on 11 Nov
    Im 6+mth EDD on 15 Feb 2010
    U can just inform the nurse to tranfer u to the private suite (TPS)
    if you would like to
    gyne will be the one which u appt

    I should be discussing the package w Irene in the comin appt :)

    my gf did warn me abt the ward to choose cuz touch wood shd there be complication and baby need to admit, baby will HAVE to stay in the same ward category as I do

    cant downgrade ... so if I stay A1 and baby premature, baby will be charge according as A1 rate ...

    so ... I will go n find out the rates, pros n cons on 11 nov

  17. I had already delivered my second on the 1st. :) My gynae was also Irene Chua!! She was my gynae for both my pregnancies. A very pretty, professional and caring doc. Each time i go for my check up i paid about $80+ for consultation. Then after that they will show you the packages and i chose the B1 premium package. Upfront payment of $1278. Can be paid by credit card with $0 installment plan.

    During my 1st pregnancy i paid about the same amount also and i stayed for 2 days, took edpidural during labour and when i was discharged, i still got back about $400+ from the hospital.

    Dun worry la, as long as your medisave or your hubby's medisave got sufficient amount, it will be ok. Good luck to you!!
  18. Priya Diva

    Priya Diva Member

    Hi shajalia

    I am going to Dr Chen Lin Han at Chong pang area [ Blk 103 Yishun Ring Rd]. I went to this gynea for my 1st delivery based on recommendation. He is very good and friendly. [ You can check out the thread under Ob Gynea in this forum for more details] I am now going back to him for my 2nd one now. I am due in Feb end next yr. :001_302:
  19. cablecar1999

    cablecar1999 Member

    wat goodies bag do we have if we delivered at Mount A?

  20. shajalia

    shajalia New Member

    Hi Priya,
    Thanks for the information :tlaugh:, roughly any idea what is the price rate for consultation or scanning visit?

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