PostNatal Massage


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I am a first time mother-to-be. Going to due this dec.
There are so many things I am still learning! I asked a few frenz of mine who gave birth and none of them use postNatal massage.
Could any mothers share some of ur experiences and recommended massage lady details?

I am looking for a good massage lady for around 5 sessions (hopefully not so expensive... >< )
Just PM me or drop me an email at

Many thanks in advance!

Thai Massage

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Hi I would like to recommend a thai lady good in post natal massage. Her name is Jang hp: 84297376. Her massge is very relaxing and effective it's worth the money. High recommended. The massage last for 4hrs which include bath+scrub (with herbs), full body massage 2hrs + womb care, hips, wrap and also steam. Very intense. Highly recommended. She's got 3,5,9,15 days package and 3 days starts from $360. It's worth the money.

She does body massage at 1hr $50 and 2hrs $100 (include free scrub)

Should try! Call her for more info she speaks chinese and english.


I tried Mdm Hanis (Hp No: 93882514) recommended to me by another forum. It truly works and she is really good. I'm glad that she was punctual every session and I enjoyed every conversation with her. I tried 6 different massage ladies during my prenatal and I have to admit Mdm Hanis is the best and really professional. There is a difference between certified and not certified as she is WSQ trained in pre and post natal massage. I've gone back to my pre-pregnancy state after the my postnatal massage sessions with her and my tummy is really FLAT! Just trying to share since I am extremely happy with her service.
Hi! may69,
i also engaged Hanis for 10 days for postnatal massage in Feb'13. i enjoyed the sessions with her and also very happy that i regained my pre-preg figure also. :)
i'm expecting no. 2 this year and will call her up for my post natal massages again. :)