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Discussion in 'Slimming, Health and Body' started by EforEileen, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. EforEileen

    EforEileen Member

    Anyone hv any ideas wat are the best way to quit smoking?
  2. edy

    edy Administrator Staff Member

    just dont smoke ... simple as that ...

    All those 1000 and 1 ways/methods are useless if the person did not make his/her mind.

    I have done it and i am sure you could :)
  3. EforEileen

    EforEileen Member

    Well, I tend to pick up cigg whenever I feel stress or bore... I did wanted to quit.. But say are realli harder than do...

    Ya, u r right. Everythin are useless if my mind are not that firm in quittin smokin..
  4. stupidyeye

    stupidyeye Member

    eh..i tried mani ways in e past..bt end up no use...until i now preggy den i no smoke...
  5. EforEileen

    EforEileen Member

    I get back smoking after I gave birth.
    Alot of my frenz are like u, preggy and quit. I dunno why I so hard. Hmm...
  6. need

    need Member

    maybe can try with the aid of 'quit smoking kit'
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  7. stupidyeye

    stupidyeye Member

    I guess most impt is must have determination....and maybe also tellin urself dat money is hard to earn...cig is expensive...
  8. shiseru

    shiseru Member

    I have been smoking for 20 years but I stopped automatically after i know I am pregnant. Biggest motivation? Becoz of baby! :001_302:

    I hope I dont't pick it up after birth.

    It's not easy to quit, but with the "can do" attitude, yes we can actually control. Have you noticed after smoking for so many years, sometimes it's like puff for the sake of puffing? When you stop, you tend to snack, but nevermind, exercise can put off the extra weight and keep you occupied

    Alternatively, I heard of Electronic Cigarette but dont't think this is available in Singapore yet Electronic Cigarettes by INSTEAD E-Cigarette
  9. Domique

    Domique Well-Known Member

    I quit for bb too. in fact i quit smoking when i wanna try for bb. Then all the way never smoke till rascal is now coming 6 mths.

    Daddy also quit smoking too because of him. u can do it!

    determination is the key. You know how harmful is smoke to the little one? go read abt it maybe it may motivate u more!


    jia u!

  10. Mini_Ace

    Mini_Ace New Member

    Counting back I had stop smoking (cold turkey in 1 shot) for ard 4 yrs already. Really hard at first start, whenever I feel like picking up a cigg, like wat you say stress & bore, I will tink of my precious gal, she is my determination to endure the urge & I will also tink back hw much $$$ I can save to buy lots of pretty cloths & better milk formula for her if i quit smoking.

    Hope you are able to quit smoking EforEileen.
  11. mrsmorgan

    mrsmorgan Member

    i quit smoking when I was about to get married cuz I knew that it takes time for e body to be cleared of all those harmful substances from e ciggies.. so at least when i start to ttc i'd be "clean" alr.. lol

    of course it was difficult at first, especially after meals! haha!! need lots of discipline.. it's tempting when ppl ard u smoke n keep teasing u but just remember that u're doing it for your own good so dun care abt those who tease u!

    it's been 3yrs now n i myself cant stand e ciggie stench nowadays! now i know y ppl cover their noses when i walk past them wit a cig!! LoL :Dancing_tongue:
  12. mich_liu82

    mich_liu82 Member

    Self discipline and determination is the key point to quit smoking. Without that its never easy...

    I was a smoker since 14 yrs old. Now 27 ... When i pregnant with 1st dear daughter i stop when I found out. then took back again when I return to work...

    when I found out I was pregnant with 2nd dear daughter, I couldn't stop till I was 5 mths pregnant. Bad mummy. But of coz when I was 3 to 5 mths, I smoke onli bout 1 to 2 sticks per day. then took back when I return to work, had very bad craving for cigarettes when I was pregnant then and even during maternity....

    For my 3rd dear daughter, I stop immediately when I found out I was pregnant and dislike the cigarette smell. then recently, I was so stress and I lighted up a stick and to my surprise I felt like puking when I had a puff and I stubbed it out, I knew I should be able to quit for good... Its only when returning to work, I sumhow feel that I might be a social smoker. But with determination I dont wanna go back and smoke again...
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  13. BbpHir3

    BbpHir3 Active Member

    i also stop when i know i was preg..
    but 1 month after dear daughter was born, dear husband lighted me a stick and told me, " i know you want.."
    then back to smokin i went.. but most of the time, i cant smoke, cuz mother in law's nagging... she sae she dont lyk ppl hu quit and smoke again..
    now, preg with 2nd, i stop again..
    hopefully this time, i wun puff anymore~~
  14. shiseru

    shiseru Member

    Yes!, My whole family smokes and my colleagues smoke. Actually i am proud of myself to be able to stopped smoking after being a smoker for 20 years. :win:

    I think we need to thank our baby, the baby hates the smell, thus giving us an opportunity to stop smoking :D

    ROFL, naughty hubby :blaugh: Yeah hope we dont't pick up again after birth.
    がんばって (Ganbatte)!!:Dancing_tongue:
  15. Domique

    Domique Well-Known Member

    Tell ur hubby not to do that after u give birth this time!!!
    angry - tempted u! EVIL!

    TEll him NO THANK U! I DUN WAN next time!

  16. Madine

    Madine New Member

    Time passes, but the problems don't change .... I also thought about quitting smoking, but I’m not sure of my willpower. Girls, what do you do to stop smoking?

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