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  1. temari

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    ive signed the 20 sessions packages. currently only went for around 6 sessions last session in december 2012 due to pregnancy difficult to lay down so i stop the treatment first. was ask to purchased 10 booster ampule to prevent spot growing during pregnancy and used at home. ive used 4 bottles, noticed the box and bottle is called soothing ampule. i used alr grow many oil seeds.

    after 6 treatment, the consultant say my skin improved, but i see there isnt anything improved as my spots are still there, not lightened or reduced. she said may due to my pregnancy. i feel the consultatnt should ask me to start treatment after pregnancy since now do anything also due to pregnancy so no effect.
    i very regret signing this packages ofalmost $7kplus.i used the products at home also see no effects. the eye and neck treatement in the package treatment was fast too. not like other salon that i have tried. just apply and wipe off.

    there is one time the consultant was rushing to another customer my mask put about less than 20mins taken out then put all the others and wipe off very fast. i must well do at home myself why should i go there and waste these treatments.

    anyone try also get lousy treatment there?
  2. adelinecws

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    I was introduced to Shakura pigmentation Beauty in M'sia by my friend. I went to Shakura for 1st trial on 22 Oct 2012. It was a 3-hour session. After that, the consultant(Ivy) persuaded me to sign up for 10 sessions and said that my friend(Irene) had kindly asked her to give me a 50% discount for the package which was RM2800 after discount. Then she went out and came back to say that the manager is giving me an offer if I signed up for 20 sessions, she would give the set of skin care free as well. (She was pointing at the set in front of me which had more than 5 items) I hadn't had time to think, then i realised she had already gone out and swapped my card for RM5600 by installment. My mind was totally blank and stupidly signed the credit card payment of RM5600. I deeply regret and felt that I was cheated. I said to the consultant that the set of items were different from those she showed me. But it was a different story now cause they had already swapped my card !!! I called back a few times to complain. The manager(Sheila) even called me back. She told me on the phone that "Its not that she cannot refund me,... the 20 sessions will guarantee to do a good job on my pigmentation...blah blah...." Then she said she would give me another free bottle of mask and 2 extra sessions for free. And if I'm not happy with the treatment by Ivy, she herself would personally treats my pigmentation. Ok. I listened first. FYI, there is no explanation to state that what they are going to do in the 1st session, 2nd session....and so on. They just said sign up for 20 sessions because we have checked your skin and we are sure that your pigmentation will be removed.
    So............. i went back on 3 Nov 2012 for my 1st session in my package. Saw the manager, the story changed again ......SIgh !!!!! How disappointing !! She said the mask was the one included in the package and it will be done during the facial (not the mask in a bottle)....and she DID NOT even mention the extra 2 sessions. She also said that another lady Karen will be taking over her position. She will be in charged of running between all Outlets. So, If she were to run between outlets, how is she going to treat my pigmentation ? In the end she didn't give me anything, and I left. I believe she was saying all these just for the sake of saying them, there was no guarantee whatsoever.

    And then I read all a lot of reviews about this place and believe it or not, mostly negatives comments. How am I going to continue the 20 sessions, when I don't even feel like going back there again !!
    Did you get back your money in the end???
  3. Jenny1964

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    Shakura pigmentation Salon

    I recently complaint to CASE about their unethical business approach. They have responded that "in the event that your member eagerly wishes to terminate the service agreement, we wish to draw your member’s attention to our terms and conditions that all prices will be calculated according to the individual listed prices and all complementary products and/or treatments will be charged for any discontinuation, cancellation or termination of the package for whatsoever reason and the balance thereof will be exchangeable for our skin care products only and not refundable for cash".

    This is absurd and I will be taking up the matter to the Small Claim Court.
  4. ClaireT

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    Re: Shakura pigmentation Salon

    Hi Jenny,Did you lodge a complaint with the Small claims tribunal? I feel really gullible to have signed up for 5 sessions, then upgraded to 20 sessions at a cost of S$3,600 + GST. What did you sign up for? Anyway, after my first session, my face is feeling itchy. Am going to try canceling the whole deal + return the products & pay for the 1 session if that can resolve the issue.
  5. Reneeti

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    Re: Shakura pigmentation Salon

    Hi There,

    I am one of the "victim".

    I've signed up a 10 times facial package that cost RM 2880 with my initial facial consultant Celine. As i have also introduced my freidn to try out shakura, i later understand that the consultants will introduce facial treatment package according to their customers' needs as my friend was recommended a pigmentation facial treatment package that will cost her more than RM 7000.

    Upon the 3rd times of my facial, i was being assigned to another facial consultant, Jerene. Subsequently during my 5th facial, i was advised by Jerene that i actually have pigmentation problem and was asked to return to the outlet the following week for a pigmentation treatment.

    During the treatment process, i realized there was SMELL OF BURNT from my face when Jerene was using machine to remove the pigmentation. Half way through the process, Jerene started to explain that i will need a series of booster to smoothen the pigmentation (cost RM 3400). She also recoommended me to consider signning for a platinum package that costs more than RM 10000. I refused to sign up any package recommended. Again, she asked me to purchase a SPECIAL VITAMIN E for RM 150 to heal the BURNT MARKS on my face which caused by the pigmentation.

    1. Jerene has verbaly admitted to me and my friend in our conversation that she did not explained the treatment clearly to me prior doing it and has misled me to think that it is part of my signed package.

    2. During the treatment when situtation cannot be reversed, i was stongly recommended to sign another booster package that costs even more than my initial package; leaving me to have the feeling that i was given no choice but have to agree to it in order to have my face treated back to original condition.

    I was being asked to travel to different outlets and having explain the incident and my concerns repeatingly and yet to get a satisfied feedback after a week. Ended, Shakura is only willing to refund the remaining treatment signed (4times) with deduction of service fees and handling fees. Refund required 60days at least to process and i will need to sign the agreement which Shakura will not bear any responsibility to my face anymore.

    I am refused to sign the agreement. I will be taking up the matter to the Tuntutan (M'sia) too.
  6. adelinecws

    adelinecws New Member

    Hi Reneeti,
    May I know which outlet did you go to ? Did your friend also signed up for RM7000?
  7. Reneeti

    Reneeti New Member

    The curve...
    and my face is now full of red marks.. after three weeks... i have no idea will it be forever on my face..

    Nope, my friend didnt sign up.. LUCKILY !
  8. mamamag

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    Re: Shakura pigmentation Salon

    Hi Jenny, so have you gone to the small claim court?

    Recently I also went to Shakura after hearing the ad over the radio. After 1 session of treatment, I developed rashes all over my face. And the sad thing is I have already signed a package with them. I went to a doctor and she said its definitely an allergy reaction. I was given 2 days MC and she was so kind to write me a letter stating my conditions. I tried to ask for a refund and the manager took my picture and said will try to help me submit to office.
    I'm going to see them tomorrow for the reply. Hopefully, I can get my money!

    If can't I think I will go to small claim court too!
  9. KQTA8384

    KQTA8384 New Member

    Hihi Jenny, will like to check did u went to CASE/Small claim?
    I will like to help my young sis get her refund back if possible.
    They also make her face damm sensitive.

    I have left some reviews in IBSING. But I guess it's not good enough.
    Would appreciate everyone hu is in this thread to send me an email with their contact n how the shakuratried to hard sell or pressurize us into buying the package, so I could report this case to CASE. N dun let this unethical salon ruin anyone further.
  10. Jenny1964

    Jenny1964 New Member

    I went to CASE but they can't help very much. I will escalate this to the small claim court n suggest you do the same.
  11. Jenny1964

    Jenny1964 New Member

    Hi Mamamag

    I have just filed my case with the Small Claim court today.
  12. Jenny1964

    Jenny1964 New Member

    Re: Shakura pigmentation Salon

    Hi Claire

    Did you try to cancel and ask for refund? I have just filed my case with the Small Claim Court.
  13. Lynn23

    Lynn23 Member

    Hi Gals,

    Did u all referring to the facial salon which recently advertised by fm 97.2?? From Japan that is famous in removing pigmentation??
  14. Jenny1964

    Jenny1964 New Member

    Yes...hope you are not a victim too. I don't think they are really from Japan. I google and found them in Malaysia.
  15. Lynn23

    Lynn23 Member

    Oh, thks for yr info! Im not a victim of this salon but I ever thought of trying this facial salon after I heard FM 97.2 advertise abt them. They said they are from Japan.. but I never heard of this salon so Im still in doubt with them. Furthermore their sounds like Japan.

    Luckily, I came across this thread! Or else I think I would be their next victim! Oh gosh! I think its better to be careful with those new facial salon nowadays! This is horrible!! Better avoid signing packages that exceed more than $500! Do try it out for a session before signing any packages n better not sign it for a yr as I kw normally they will keep asking us to sign more after a few trips. I had this experience before when I went to other salons, quite a reputable one in S'pore but at least I still managed to "escape" and their srv was not bad after all even if I refused to sign up.
  16. Dinosaur

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    Re: Shakura pigmentation Salon at Jcube

    Hi, I guess I am the "new victim". I went on Dec 29th and 4 hours later when i got home, I felt itchy over the face and develop red rashes. I called the service consultant immediately and she said was normal. Asked me to rinse my face and dont't use any product. If rashes still develope, I can come and look for her the next day. the next morning, I wake up and shock to see my face all swollen with rashes and eyes puffy. I couldnt even recognised myself in the mirror. I ran to see a doctor and he told me my skin was reacting to the chemical of the product. thereafter i went to see Shakura and told them about it and demand the refund of my money. She told me it was out of her authority and will arranged the specialist to meet me at 9 o'clock. The next day, face got worsten, I didnt hear anything from them and I went to Shakura again, this time, they told me they cannot locate the specialist as he was in the meeting whole day. When i insist to speak to the specialist, they put me to a company's secretary and told me the specialist is on holiday and defer my appointment till Jan 7th. Can you imagine that such a big company is relying on only 1 specilist to analysis my face condition? and it has to wait till jan 7th???? Is this how an after service to treat a customer who develop skin irritation condition ? I thought immediate advice should be given for emergency.

    My face continue to swell for the next 6 days and i suffer alot for itchiness and pain. I didn't enjoy my new year's eve and new year and I didnt to go to work due to my horrible face and pain. During these time, no one from Shakura care to follow up and care for my skin condition and status.

    I don't not know what will they say when they see me on Jan 7th.
    I should have check teh background first before I engage them.
    I hope anyone who wants to go for the trial or signing, please think twice.
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  17. keisha1

    keisha1 New Member

    Re: Shakura pigmentation Salon

    Reneeti, and everyone else from KL who intend to pursue or who has pursued a claim against Shakura, please get in touch with me at I am also an upset customer, and the more of us who confront them together, the better our chances are. :D
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  18. keisha1

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    Re: Shakura pigmentation Salon

    [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD="width: 100%, colspan: 100%, align: left"]Section 17 of the Consumer Protection Act

    Future services contract

    [TD="width: 100%, colspan: 100%, align: center"] [/TD]
    [TD="width: 100%, colspan: 100%, align: left"](1) For the purposes of this section, "future services contract" means a contract for consumer services that will be provided on a continuing basis and as prescribed by the Minister from time to time.

    (2) A consumer who cancels a future services contract may be charged by the supplier the following amount:

    • (a) five percent of the full contract price;

      (b) the cost of any goods the consumer used or is keeping; or

      (c) the portion of the full contract price representing services received by the consumer.

    (3) Where the consumer has paid the supplier more money than the supplier is entitled to charge under paragraph (2)(a), (b) or (c), the supplier shall refund the extra payment or make a refund available, within fourteen days of cancellation.

    (4) A cancellation of a future services contract shall take effect -

    • (a) at the time at which the cancellation is communicated to the supplier; or

      (b) where it is not reasonably practicable to communicate with the supplier, at the time at which the consumer indicates to the supplier, by means which are reasonable in the circumstances, his intention to cancel the future services contract.

    (5) Subject to subsection (6), a cancellation of the future services contract may be communicated by words or conduct or both which indicate the intention of the consumer to cancel the contract, and it shall not be necessary to use any particular form of words, as long as the intention to cancel is clear.

    (6) Where it is reasonably practicable to communicate with the supplier, subsection (5) shall take effect subject to any express provision in the future services contract requiring notice of cancellation to be in writing.[/TD]

    What the above legalese means is that if you should terminate your contract in writing as soon as you decide you don't want to follow up with the treatments, cite this section in your letter and [FONT=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]as written above: [/FONT]In the event of termination, suppliers can only charge five per cent of the contract price, the cost of goods the consumer is keeping and the portion of the full contract price, representing services received by the consumer.
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  20. keisha1

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    Adeline and me are gonna work together- anyone else in? :D

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