should i continue to breastfeed?


I have been expressing milk for my baby since birth. She's going to 5 months soon and she's my third baby.. Maybe the gap between the second and third baby is too close, my body is weak after giving birth.. I have been sick for many times at least once per month. Should I stop bf after 6 months?


Continue ! Why stop ? If you have the ability to then continue ! If you find it's really taking a toll on your body get advise from your gynae or lactation consultant !


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do what is best for yr body, when yr body is weak, u will not be able to produce good milk too. i was like that when i was bfing my son, i stop after 6mth but my FBF can least him till 8 mth. i was so skinny that my colleague comment i look like bamboo and was so weak that i always fall sick. after i stop, i take TCM to bring my health back, now im having my 2nd.


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Hello Shirix,

I hope you're feeling better already! Actually, what kind of sickness have you been suffering from? If it's the common cold/flu, it's usually still ok to breastfeed. Other illnesses such as chicken pox, measles and rubella are also considered safe when breastfeeding. But on the other hand, there are more serious illnesses in which case it is recommended that you refrain from breastfeeding. These include: Breast cancer, active tuberculosis and hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and a few more. There is a more comprehensive list which you can find on on a post called "Breastfeeding when you're sick" - Breastfeeding When Sick? - Pregnant in SingaporePregnant in Singapore – Pregnancy for Singaporeans
Hoping that this would be able to help you out!

Lastly, do remember to always consult your gynae for his/her advice on your condition :) Get well soon!

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It depends on you, if really weak and you cannot handle it all, so you have to stop, anyway, 6 months old that's the time you start give solids food. so its not hard for you.. good luck and have a happy family :)