When did your little stop wearing diapers?


My son stopped wearing diapers until recently. He's just turned 3 this year and is now potty trained. But some of our relatives insist that he should have stopped wearing diapers at age 2. Let me know what you think?


I feel it depends on individual child?

Some are ready while some are not.
Potty trained is not base on age but whether the child is ready or not most importantly!


U can start slowly .
Try day time alter day then slowly to everyday.
Needs a lot of patience and repeating the act everyday.

I start off when my son was 17 month by 21 month he is not on diaper during the day.
Now I haven't start night training becuz he's not ready yet.


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my son stop wearing diaper during day time when he was 2.5 yrs old. now i only let him to wear diaper when nite time or long journey 2 msia


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I feel that most importantly, the child must be ready to be toilet trained.

My gal was toilet trained by 24 mths, both day and nite. My son was toilet trained by 34 mths, both day and nite.

Phoebii Cheng

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My son only recently toilet train, day time only and he is 3 yrs plus....we did not want to push him, cos' many times we tried when he was 2 but he was resisitant...keep on crying when we bring him to the toilet