When do you train your kids eat by themselves?

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  1. Ottermum

    Ottermum Member

    Wonder when i have to start training my boy to eat by himself?

    i also wonder how old were your kids when you let them eat outside food/share your food? Up til now i still have not added salt or Marmite into his food, though my MIL n SIL say can let him eat better tasting food already...

    oh yes...and also food to avoid before he turns 2 years old? only remember nuts...

    Please share :001_302:
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  2. Domique

    Domique Well-Known Member

    ya i also keen to know... at the same time, when ur bb can eat outside food, what is the milk intake like?
  3. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    for me was abt 1 yo plus.
    well, im not exactly the very healthy kinda mum.
    as pin takes healthy food in sch for 3 meals.
    i guess a couple of not so healthy meals outside is fine with me.
    n for pin, i nvr avoid giving her any food since young.
    i just gv her everything, except those which might cause allergies like honey, i waited til after 1 yo. but seldom give her anyway.
    i dun give her citrus fruits like pineapple, oranges (only occasionally), etc.

    as for milk intake, she still take in minimumly 500 ml of milk til now (2.5 yo gg 3yo).
    pin is a milk monster, so quite difficult to gauge the average milk intake.
    but in my case, i give on demand, if she requests, i will still give, even if she just ate, cos if she is full she will only drink the amt she wants n stop.
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  4. Phoebii Cheng

    Phoebii Cheng Well-Known Member

    My son around 1yrs old, we tried to train him to eat by himself....but he likes to use his hands to pick up food, even after we hv taught him how to use the spoon...and fork to pick up food until now

    We gave him mostly almost everything, but so far hv not given him honey, and seafood like prawns yet.....but frm what I know after one yrs old, you can give them anything

    My son also likes to drink milk still....he will drink 500ml or more per day...depending on his mood....but recently he had fever, so milk & food intake is v low......
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  5. autumn82

    autumn82 Well-Known Member

    I never really trained Belle to self feed. She started ard 24mths when she went to playgroup and she sees other kids feeding themselves (peer pressure :001_302:). After that she tried to feed herself but too slow, so the nanny just fed her.

    All the way until around 3yrs old++ she had to feed herself coz mummy took her back from nanny and will not spoonfeed her anymore. :tlaugh:

    Now for Iggy, I still "spoonfeed" him coz he polished up the bowl pretty fast and I don't have time to clear the mess if I let him self feed.

    I think soon or later, they will learn self feed by themselves.. :)
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  6. annie

    annie Well-Known Member

    my girl recently started to eat by herself with spoon n fork sometimes. usually i will feed her till she dosent want it anymore then i put on the table and let her play while watching her. so far she manage to scoop a bit n put into her mouth..
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  7. jasobias

    jasobias Well-Known Member

    hahha,ya agree
    all kids will learn to eat by themselves sooner or later
    i too fed my kids till abt 3 yrs old coz it was faster n cleaner.Cant bear to be cleaning the kitchen n myself n my kid after every meal.On occasions tht had time i wld let them feed themselves(fr 18 months onwards)usually b4 lunch or dinner so i can shower them right away after the mess n i wld also line the kitchen floor with newspaper..the mess can really be terrible!!:elvis:
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  8. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    I let Alicia self-feed at abt 15.5mths but I dun let her do it every day coz sometimes it can get quite messy. So it depends on my mood - like how willing i am to clean up the mess that day.. lol. Anyway, she's oso not always in a self-feeding mood either. :D

    I believe that they will be able to self-feed when they grow up so I'm not exactly pressured into letting her feed herself all the time.

    I started letting alicia have a taste of outside food after 13mths. Just a little bit only coz she would want to have some of my food when i eat.
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  9. annie

    annie Well-Known Member

    i read tat adults food contains lots of salt n bb below 2yrs old better not exceed 1g of salt a day which is bout 0.3g per meal thus i dun give my girl any outside food till now.
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  10. uddermummy

    uddermummy Well-Known Member

    my ger is now about 8 mths old. She's quite keen on learning how to feed herself, so I let her hold the spoon to put it in her mouth.

    Let what the other mummies have said, when i'm in the mood for cleaning up, i will let her have total control of the spoon. If not, I will just guide her when she's holding the spoon.

    Have started letting her pick up cereals from her tray to feed herself.

    If you want to let your bb feed himself, you really have to prepared for the mess.

    Meal times is a busy rush of getting ready the food, dd's bib, my apron, the floor mat and a wet hankie in a bowl of water for cleaning up.

    I bathe dd once a day after one of the meals, and for the other meal, I just clean her with the hankie, or wash her at the tap.
  11. Ting

    Ting Well-Known Member

    i cant rmb when i let pin start to self feed, but prob near to 1 yo,starting with finger food.
    utensils wise is abt after 1yo n she fully used it when she attended CC in 18mths old.
    but til now, she still prefers to use her hands... -.-"
  12. annie

    annie Well-Known Member

    last week i saw a girl who looks like 3-4yrs old or something n she is also eating rice with hands!

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