When to start potty-training?


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From the time he can support his neck.

Put him on potty at fixed time daily so he knows how to clear his bowels. Also, it's to let him get used to sitting on potty. Some kids will be resistant to sitting on potty later on & only want to poop in their diapers (my friend's kid is like that - only wants to poop in his diapers, will ask for diapers when he wants to poop).

It helps alot now that he's older & has to attend class as he'll poop in the morning when he wakes up and poo at night before he sleeps. It's also a good habit to let them get used to the potty or toilet bowl (I used toilet bowl cos too lazy to buy potty at that time).


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my mum was telling me to get a potty for my boy, to start potty-train him early. but he's 5mths+, iszit too early to start on potty-training?

i doubt i can train him at fixed time. my MIL is not free to potty-train him since she got to tend to other 2kids too..sign..


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It's nvr too early. even if you can't do it at fixed time, at least let him get used to potty. My boy was used to toilet bowl all along, he rejects potty.

So if you intend to use potty long term, you have to train.


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eh, pin only got toilet trained recently in sch.
she is off diapers at home n in sch, only night time during slp n when we r out.
as for poo-ing, she has a fixed time, every day evening time she will auto poo.
still prefer to be in diaper to poo, but hv been starting her on the toilet bowl.


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i wanted to ask the same qn slightly before but then i did a search online and read books saying that bb will signal u when they are ready to be potty train. they need to be able to let u know that they need to poo n pee by making some bb noise or expression BEFORE they do their business then u can bring them to the potty n start potty training cos its also time they can control their bowels a little.. usually around 1.5mths old. thats wat i read.


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I started training alicia on the potty very early, right when she could support her neck at abt 3mth+. She was very good for awhile, being able to pee most of the time into the potty and even poo. Then after awhile there was potty rejection so we stopped. Then a few mths back we tried again and she was ok with the potty but then after awhile, the potty rejection started again so I'm still waiting to start her again on it. I wonder if anyone has such an experience?


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Ting its 1.5yrs old hehe. sorry typo...:001_302:

anyway... to potty train, we jsut put them on the potty anytime when we are free? then if they dun do anything there how? if they try to escape? im rather sure my girl wont want to sit there for nothing. she sure crawl off the moment she touches the potty...


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Here are my 4 tips for successful potty training:

1.Do not use food as a reward for potty training

2.Instead give your child extra playtime or stickers.

3.If you frequently offer sweet or fatty food as rewards throughout your child’s life, then it’s likely to model an unhealthy relationship between food and emotions.
Have your child potty train completely naked.

4.Keep lots of snack on hand that encourage peeing (either salty ones that make you thirsty, such as crackers, or foods with high water content such as watermelon and Popsicles).

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