Which brand of vacuum-cleaner is your best choice?

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  1. dek2k8

    dek2k8 Alpha Male

    Which brand of vacuum-cleaner is your best choice?

    Maybe a long life one as expected.:tlaugh::001_302:
  2. LoVeS

    LoVeS Well-Known Member

    i prefer broom
  3. deardar

    deardar Member

    Courts having Pomotion on Vacum cleaner

    i oso wanna knw which the best of all
  4. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    my parents bought rainbow when i was born......it is still working very well....then my parents saw e new model last yr n decided to trade in e old one for new model (trade in value was high!!) :)
    vacuum is used heavy duty...everyday will use...every weekend will use to vacuum bed, sofa, etc etc....

    comes with an attachment to wash carpet with water one....very good...

    for my own place, i also bought a rainbow...good investment :)
  5. ^Mami_Jazz^

    ^Mami_Jazz^ Guest

    Yes i am using RAinbow too :red::red: no nid to mop the floor if lazy, vacuum can liao :tlaugh:
  6. cendrine

    cendrine Member

    rainbow is a brand ar ? :shyxxx: hmm..never heard of..hehe
    how much is it ar ?
  7. ^Mami_Jazz^

    ^Mami_Jazz^ Guest

    $3k plus :001_302::001_302:
  8. cendrine

    cendrine Member

    wow that's exp sia..hehe
  9. rjj

    rjj Member

    ya Rainbow is a good brand indeed, but find it too heavy ...

    We use Delphin instead, slightly lighter, same usage.... heavily used too.... cos we got dog at home, need the water base type. Used to use the bag vaccum, end up very very doggy smell everytime we vaccum... ...
  10. rykiel

    rykiel Member

    i'm using the roman brand one .. bought it ard 200.. can use fer wet or dry !! and can use to pump sinks if it gets stucks.. but reading on wat u guys said on rainbow think must invest in it .. cos dunit to mop mahz.. .. =) LOL !!! ..but will the floor be sticky ??
  11. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member


    for my mum's place...there was once we went 2 wks holiday...maid stayed at my aunt's place...when we came back e whole floor v dirty....but 1 vacuum n all clean liaoz...we din even mop cos too tired to bother...hehehehe....

    it is realli a good investment...families who have it will definitely buy it again :)
  12. rykiel

    rykiel Member

    got any online brochure or any reference whereby i can read up on it ?! sure save alot of time sia.. for me .. i gotta vacuum n mop everyday..-.-""
  13. jopeck

    jopeck BMSG Moderator

    we bought a dyson vaccum and I'm pretty happy with it. Very strong suction power and no funny smells. It was about $700+.
  14. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    i have seen dyson one b4...but i find it very bulky n hard to use...cos got alot of parts to wash/unpack....

    rykiel, i ask my mum for e contact....cos they onli sell by referral one....
    n u can ask them to come ur place for a no obligation demo....then u can see for urself how dirty ur sofa/bed/cushion is....
  15. rykiel

    rykiel Member

    great !! .. once u got the number u let me know alright!?~ thank you so much !! =D:001_302:
  16. vinvin

    vinvin New Member

    Hmm just wondering can Delphin do cleaning on carpet?? As is expensive, to always engage a professional carpet cleaner...
  17. vinder79

    vinder79 Active Member

    Yes they can.. Just bought mine from this guy subb hp no 96615732.His demo was very good.i GOT A POT AS WELL. ::))
    Ex owner of rainbow change to delphin. Not bulky machine.
  18. viva

    viva New Member

    How much is it?
  19. khloh46

    khloh46 New Member


    I am selling the below

    Roomba 770 (imported directly from USA)

    Used only for 2 times.

    Original price (including shipping) : $810

    Selling price : $750

    iRobot: Robots: Vacuum Cleaning: Vacuuming Robots: iRobot Roomba® 770

    Reason for selling : My bro in law bought a roomba 780 from USA for me, without checking that I have ordered.

    Interested, pls sms 97594571

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