Which week did u give birth?


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contractions at 4o weeks, but c-section at 40wks +1 day.

thought that it'll be less tiring when bb is out, but now that dd is out, it's even more tiring!


1st boy induced at week 38.
2nd boy was induced at week 39. Currently i m 34 weeks pregnant and is a baby girl. Dunno when yet?


Currently week 38 + 3 days. Still waiting. High stomach, no swollen feet, cervix not ripen yet, no dialation, no signs of delivery any sooner. Doc said I might go to week 41 :(
i am now in my 32 wks and i intend to ask company let me work from home when i am 36 wks but not sure company will approve or not .. and i hope my baby stays inside till 40wks .. dont come out too early .. coz baby will get lesser nutrients once they are born ..thats wat i heard n saw so far. . my ex colleague gave birth on 37 wks n baby was 2.6kg only ..