WTS : Tummy Binder


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Wore once, as good as new, as per picture. Letting go at $12.
PM Me if keen.


Also selling off Medela PISA, PM me if keen. Thanks.

Beru Ong

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i engaged a post natal massage lady and she came to my house to do the massage for 7 days (after 10 days from my natural delivery).
Her package includes the binder - after massage she will wrap my stomach/tummy area...very tight..i can only tahan for 3 hours... by right should be at least 5hours...end of the package, she gave me the binder.

I think quite effective. Must do post natal massage! will help u to get back to shape (ok, least no more 'preg' look).

But still, i think i still need to get rid 5kg more! Going for this program to 'help' me lol..
but i think i need to control my diet too else sure will gain back after the progam =/