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actuallly the color is not so important since Reductil is a generic.
It can have a blue and while or blue and yellow color but the effect is the same, no difference.

Simone is right, Reductil color is different because original Reductil by Abbott is not manufactured any more and generics producers can change the colour as well as the name.
You can mostly find Meridia/Reductil/Ectivia/Sibutril in white and yellow.


Hi All mummies,

I've been tried to order from cheapmeds4u.com - Your Source for Health Care Needs but transactions was denied twice, can anyone guide me and anyone wish to order together to saved the shipping fees please.

Many thanks.
Hi! I ordered on this site many times and already lost my weight with their slimming pills :) So now I'm not ordering slimming products any more.

If you order online try to introduce exact card details, without spaces. If you still do not manage it contact their online chat for help.
You can also pay by bank. Just send them a message asking for bank details and do the transfer. That's all!

Hope you can do it. Good luck!

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dear mummies, i have purchased reductil for first time from cheapmeds4u.com, though shipment was shipped on 27th april and displayed as "reach singapore on 2 May", however the delivery did not reach me till today (27 may).

With the tracking number provided by cheapmeds4u, I have checked in Singpost however status remained as "Arrived from overseas (Country code:GB), in transit to next processing centre for delivery" since 2 May..

Have any mummies experience such before with delivery from cheapmeds4u? appreciate any feedback.

Reis Teow

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dear all, would like to update that i order reductil from cheapmeds4u but my item was detained by HSA singapore, i feel so sad, they could not release the item to me and i have lost my money.... i am first time buying from the site and first time user of reductil too....


reductil available here , price better than online. authentic and there is no need to worry about not receiving the parcels! PM me for more INFO!


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Dear mummies,

I have a totally positive experience with CHEAPMEDS4U.COM

Yesterday I have received my Reductil 15 order 60 pills. Package arrived safely in 5 working days. I was on the point to ask for my tracking number when I received my order. So everything arrived safe and undamaged.

Highly recommended site!


I always used www.cheapmeds4u.com

I bought reductil on this site after my first pregnancy and then after my second one.

They have all dosages of Reductil on the site and they always deliver it safely to Singapore.

I have never had problems in receiving my reductil orders to my home address in SG and I know many users here buy Reductil successfully on this site.



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