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  1. simone003

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    Reductil Online


    There are so many women here using Reductil as being the best appetite suppressant.

    I'm on Reductil 10mg for less than a month and I have already lost 4GK!
    I'm trying to eat only healthy meals and doing zumba once a week :wong23:

    The result is amazing!
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  2. rachel5li

    rachel5li Member

    you're not alone here simone, I'm also on Reductil for 3 months now and lost 14kg
    That's simply a magic product!
  3. Hi, mummy , would you be able to sell me 1 month of supply, because i dun have a credit card to order online.
  4. simone003

    simone003 Member

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  5. thank you for your info, but i dunno how to
  6. simone003

    simone003 Member

    OMG you don't know how to send a message???
    Just send a message to support@cheapmeds4u.com from your email address and tell them you want to order reductil but don't have a Visa. They will explain you everything. There's nothing complicated
    Good luck!
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  7. rachel5li

    rachel5li Member

    @bonjour bonsoir did you managed to order?
  8. simone003

    simone003 Member

    I've heard of Acomplia too but never tried it...
  9. mummyHo

    mummyHo New Member

    any experiences with Xenical?
  10. starnight

    starnight New Member

    I have tried Xenical before but didn't manage to lose any weight after having for 3 months! Damn disappointed.

    I don't dare to try reductil as I saw one of the side effects have something to do with eye and I am having some eye issue which needs to be check by my eye specialist every month...

    Still can't decide whether to place 2 months order for Acomplia as it's quite expensive from the websites recommended by the mummies here. Those who have tried Acomplia, can you pls share if it really works? I emailed to cheapmeds4u.com but didn't get a reply regarding the duration of the shipping...

  11. joanne33

    joanne33 New Member

    Hi Tia. I got Reductil on this site and my order arrived in 8 business days. It was packed in a discreet envelope, no content was exposed on it. After shipping I was given a tracking number so I can highly recommend you this site as being safe.
  12. silly1812

    silly1812 Member

    Hi Simone003, may I ask how long did it took you to receive the pills from Meridiareductil? I placed order on 1 March 2014 and they sent me a tracking number (Royal Mail), but up to today, Royal Mail says the tracking number is invalid. I contacted the Help Desk but was told not to worry as they always reship orders that do not arrive in 30 days max. I'm not sure if I should be worried about this, but I would like to hear from your experience, if you may, please.

    Thanks in advance! Cheers.

  13. simone003

    simone003 Member

    I received my order in 2 weeks and my tracking number was valid. Maybe they have some problems at the moment but I'm sure you don't have to worry as they are reliable and trusted. Keep contacting their Help Desk, I'm sure they will reship your order in case it doesn't arrive.
    I'm taking a pause now and will restart taking Reductil in a month or so.
    Good luck to you!
  14. silly1812

    silly1812 Member

    Oh my, i have not receive my orders and we are into the 4th week already. Kept contacting them but they keep asking me to return with a message in few days time coz they are investigating my order, but it's taking so long. Now I'm paranoid I got cheated or something. Big SIGH...


    I received my order in 2 weeks and my tracking number was valid. Maybe they have some problems at the moment but I'm sure you don't have to worry as they are reliable and trusted. Keep contacting their Help Desk, I'm sure they will reship your order in case it doesn't arrive.
    I'm taking a pause now and will restart taking Reductil in a month or so.
    Good luck to you![/QUOTE]
  15. nora768

    nora768 New Member


    I decided to purchase REDUCTIL 4 months ago, and after four months of using it,
    Ihave been in over 9 years at 128 pounds. I can't begin to explain howmuch Reductil
    has changed my life! You feel more satisfied on lessfood. Give it a try...you have
    nothing to lose but weight! You canfind it online , in pharmacies is no more available.

    I give you agood site: www.weightlossmeds.bizGood luck!

    best wishes! :Dancing_tongue:
  16. Sarah1980

    Sarah1980 New Member

    Reductil on www.reductil-meridia.biz

    I have also bought Reductil generic sibutramine capsules online. My order arrived safely to my home door :)
    I used Reductil in the past and achieved great results. I was able to lose baby weight, that was 12-14 kg in 3.5 months. I didn't breastfeed, that is why I took sibutramine.
    I kept my weight and didn't regain any kg until I started eating junk food when coming back home after work.
    So, now until summer comes I would like to use sibutramine for 1 more month to look better in my summer dresses. SO, will make a new order and will see if I have the same results as in the past.
  17. silly1812

    silly1812 Member

    Re: Reductil on www.reductil-meridia.biz

    Hi Sarah,

    Did you take Reductil 10mg or 15mg? What other activities did you do in order to lose those baby weight - any exercises or dieting in addition to you Reductil intake? I just started today and I look forward to lose those weight as well (or rather anxious that i wouldn't lose them all)! :D

  18. Sarah1980

    Sarah1980 New Member

    Dear Silly1812, I used at first Reductil 10 mg and then switched to Reductil 15 mg. I kept eating correctly more veggies and fruits. I did crunches almost every day. went to the gym when I had time, left my child with my husband and went to lose some more calories.
    Now would like to use reductil for 1 more month and eat less junk food, so that the previous results would not be forgotten. :)

  19. laila0chu

    laila0chu Member

    I'm a customer of this site from 2012... at that time Reductil was way cheaper...

    I used Sibutramina after my first pregnancy and lost about 25kg in up to 6months. Later after my second delivery I used it again and lost like 18kg in 4 months... a great result to my mind :)

    I'm happy I never regained that weight back. And I do not keep on diets or doing regular sport/activity. I just eat healthy (no junks) and sleep 8h a night.
    I think Reductil is very effective for fast weight loss and what's the most important - lost weight never comes back when you stop taking the pills.
  20. silly1812

    silly1812 Member

    I'm really upset with Meridiareductil.com coz my order which was placed on 24 Feb 2014 still have not arrive via Royal Mail. Informed them last month and they decided to reship using Priority Mail which was without tracking number, and now still have not receive them, AGAIN! I felt like I was cheated, so heart pain!

    Anyway, I have been sending them emails to/from for the past 2 months. Even requested for a refund, but they rejected me outright! Wahlao...

    Even their Sales Policy stated this:
    "In the case of non-delivery of the product within 30 days, please contact our support team (Contact us) to request a reshipping of your order or a refund. Your payment will be fully reimbursed to your credit card. We will not reship or refund if the no-delivery is not depending from us, if client has not taken care of his parcel. "

    Am really desperate to call them to get a proper explanation because:
    (i) their online customer support is of no help. keep telling me to send them a message.
    (ii) their help desk is also not very prompt at answering my query. and when they answered, it's only to give me a reason but with no solutions to help their customer.

    I feel like i paid so much money for NOTHING!!!

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