Like most people, I wasn’t allowed to leave the house during my confinement. But about a week into it, I found myself in need of a lot of things that usually requires you to leave the house. I needed nursing bras and shirts and most of all, I needed more information about breastfeeding. Back then, I was still the traditional school-girl who went to the library to do research and get information.

But being confined to the house forced me to turn to other options like the internet, which I wasn’t very good with at that time. But that one month of confinement was like a cyber-awakening for me. I found a flood of information I wouldn’t have otherwise from a library. And best of all, I discovered forums and online shopping.

Yes, it was during this period of time that I stumbled upon mummysg and it has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of a forum. I spent almost two weeks on mummysg, simply reading, without posting anything at all. I felt like a school-girl again, learning from a wealth of experiences from the many mothers who posted here.

For a long time, I did not feel the need to post anything at all, for any question I had, had already been asked, and any question asked ended up being an answer I too longed for. It was an incredible learning experience for me. I had started by looking for information on breastfeeding and upon finding mummysg, learnt also about caring and feeding for my baby, recipes, and online shopping.

While online shopping has its pros and cons, it was wonderful to have recommendations on good deals and reliable sites and it was a great help for a new mother confined at home and in need of some shopping.

I entered my confinement unprepared for nursing and without a thought about my baby’s first month celebration. But thanks to all the mothers who contributed their thoughts, experiences and opinions on mummysg, I managed to breastfeed my son with some success and had a wonderful first month celebration for him.