Combating Morning Sickness All Alone


First it was the ever waiting good news. You feel on top of the world being pregnant. The sense of being a mother-to-be completes the family. You can’t stop smiling or wait to shop for those sassy maternity and booties. Life was at its fullness.

Next, morning sickness began to confront. You throw up, you felt giddy, weak and tired. You drag yourself to work every single day. You felt that mothers-to-be need ‘Morning Sickness Leave’. Time seems to be crawling. You can’t wait to reach home and take your warm bath and be pampered by dear h
ubby. Worse, it’s only the beginning of 6[SUP]th[/SUP] week. Chances are, the morning sickness will last until 20[SUP]th[/SUP] week!
How awful it is to start off as a mother is, you thought!

Fret not; I’m going to share with you some tips on combating morning sickness. It did work for some ladies and I surely hope it will help you.

Sniff and Snuffle
As sense of smell heightens during pregnancy, try to smell something pleasant like lemon and rosemary. Carry it in your bag or place it on your table. Looks like you’ve got new deco too!

Morning Crackers
The worse culprit is to gobble up big amount of beverage followed by bread or cereal. They can make you bloat so take something dry instead. Try crackers because they are dry and stays better at your tummy. Take small sips of beverage instead.

Take the Food You Can Accept
We know that you crave for fried fritters and butterflies but sometimes oily stuff may worsen your morning sickness. Take some light toast instead. You can save those for 2[SUP]need[/SUP] trimester. Good girl!

Open Up
If you dont’t like the smell of garlic or washing detergent, retire it until you’re better. Tell your family about your changes in hormones which affect your sense of smell. I’m sure they’ll treat you like a queen.

Ginger Ginger Ginger!
Yes, this natural root can sooth your queasiness. Take ginger tea with or without milk, hot or cold. Stir-fry, steam or boil it with liver soup. I’m sure you can find more recipes that are ginger-contained.

Take Your Vision Break
Even the non-pregnant can get giddy. So, remember to rest your eyes to prevent over-tiring. Talk on the phone instead.

Take a Real Break
Sometimes you need to listen to your body. Rest if you can’t get up. Take a day off once in a while will not make you lose your job. But it is certainly going to keep your sanity and baby healthy.