Indoor Activities for School Holidays!


Yes, we all know it’s school holidays. We are trying our best to keep the kids occupied. But are you constantly out of idea on how to manage them when they tell you ‘Mummy, I have nothing to do?’ Worse still, bad weather keeps you away from outdoor activity. But fret not, I had come up with 15 ideas which you can keep your kids occupied – all for the indoor lovers!

1. Show them your craft skills. If you have not’t got any, I have some kids craft basics all ready for you.

2. Bring them to the public library and stock up your books. You can read them anytime you want. This would enhance their reading skills at the same time.

3. Play tic-tac-toc. Isn’t that the simplest but yet fun game. You can also spend minimal money by getting some board games like ‘snake and ladders’, ‘aero-plane game’ or ‘dam’. I’m sure this would bring you back to your childhood too!

4. Teach your preschooler how to tell the time.

5. Teach your preschooler how to count money. Empty your wallet.

6. Do you know they are Sudoku for kids? Instead of the expert level of 9×9, look out for some 4×4 or 6×6. Simply Google for kids Sudoku and you will be able to print out a whole week of Sudoku exercise to keep them occupied.

7. Bring out your childhood photo and show them your oversized glasses. Have a good laugh.

8. Show them how to fry an egg.

9. Stand on one leg. The winner will be the one who can hold the longest.

10. Register them for ClickN Kids Phonics and Spelling Program. Have fun learning with the Cosmo Cat.

11. Cut some colorful straws and put them through your shoe lace to make a craft necklace.

12. Blow bubbles.

13. Trace coins under a sheet of paper. Use color pencils. Cut them out and you have some pretend play money. How rich!

14. Collect some brochures from your letterbox. Fold some boats and ferry your soft toys.

15. Watch Barney and sing and dance together!

Justina Wang