Recognizing the First Signs of Pregnancy


I first thought that it was unnecessary to point out the signs of pregnancy because every expectant mother can simply take a pregnancy test to confirm, can’t they? But come to think about it again, the test would probably come in handy for those who have got fix menstruation intervals. They know when their period is missed. Whereas those who hasn’t got a fix or predictable menstruation, you probably need to look out for first signs of pregnancy to ascertain the good news.

Missed period
This is the most obvious signs everyone look out for. Expectant mothers first get their cue from missed period and start to explore into other signs to confirm pregnancy.

Spotting can happen during early stage of pregnancy whereby you will discharge a small amount of blood. As a sign of pregnancy, spotting occurs because of implantation bleeding which is natural and no cause of panic.

Morning Sickness Tiredness
You could feel tired or nauseas or lost of appetite. Due to hormonal changes and your body adjusting to a new life in you, you may feel tired, weak or sick. You will feel as if you are so heavy to move and daily chores become a challenge to complete because of tiredness.

Enlarge Nipple and Breasts.
Your nipple will enlarge and darken in color. Your breast will enlarge due to enlarged blood stream at breast area. The enlargement is noticeable and you will probably need to increase your cup size by 1-2 sizes.

Period Cramps?
Some mother-to-be may experience feeling similar to period cramp but pregnancy cramp is due to the enlargement of uterus to prepare for the growth of fetus.

Your may not be able to fit into your ‘S’ or ‘M’ sizes anymore. The change is so evident that the pants that you wore yesterday can’t zip up after the wash. Similarly, your will find it hard to fit into your tops.

Frequent urination
As your uterus is expanding, it presses on your bladder which results in lesser room to hold your urine. Hence, you will need to pass urine more frequently than usual. Furthermore, this sign will likely continue throughout your pregnancy.

Mood Swing
Other than these physical changes, your frame of mind changes too. You may become temperamental, moody or lose interest in things which you usually like. This is probably due to the morning sickness which you are going through.

Note that even if you are pregnant, you may not be showing all these signs. Some expectant mothers do not show any sign at all except for missed periods. See a doctor if your period is irregular and if you suspect that you may be pregnant.

So if you are really pregnant and you need to learn more about pregnancy nutrition, birth, breastfeeding, morning sickness, staying slim or regaining intimacy after birth, refer to resources for Mum-To-Be.

Justina Wang