8 Things You Must Have In Your Hospital Bag


Waiting in the Labor room with cramps racking through your frame can be rather daunting. With nothing left to do except endure hours of contractions, it is essential that you prepare a bag full of some knick-knacks that might take the edge off the pain. Thus, we present 8 things that you must have while you’re confined to your delivery bed.

#1. Entertainment (Books, Songs, DVDs etc.)

Never make the mistake of going to the hospital without your favorite magazine or classical music on hand. Confined to your hospital bed a day before your stipulated delivery can be quite boring without any sources of entertainment available, so be sure to have a few of your treasured entertainment sources in your hospital bag.

#2. Camera & Post-Its

Nothing spells memorable keepsakes than having a camera ready. The moment your little tyke is born, snap some photos of your newborn to be framed up in your living room. You can also have photos of guests with your baby, and dont’t forget to get them to write down some well-wishing quotes on a Post-It before sticking it to the back of the photo.

#3. Games

Have fun by bringing along your favorite board or card game. Play Pictionary with your guests, or simply have a go at Snakes and Ladders to alleviate your boredom. Not only does this kill time, but the socializing will also help take your mind off any contractions.

#4. Gift for Your Firstborn

If you’re currently waiting on your second child, it’s always best to include your first kid in your delivery ventures. Presenting them a gift from their future sibling will enhance the bond between both of your kids. Plus it also helps your firstborn cope better with the new changes to come.

#5. Beauty Kit 

You needn’t wrestle your entire makeup collection into your hospital bag to shine in photos. All you need are some facial wipes, a concealer, some lip gloss and an eyelash curler to look radiant.

#6. Baby Games 

What better way to make others a part of this wonderful experience by concocting some Baby Games? All you have to do is procure a notebook and jot down some questions regarding your baby like: How will he/she look like in six months? When will he/she take his/her first step? When will he/she say his/her first word? Watch your guests squabble and laugh as they figure out all these answers, and join in the guesswork.

#7. Favorite Food

Pregnancy means one thing: cravings! Be sure to have your tub of delicious strawberry cheesecake yoghurt or scrumptious Hershey bar in your bag, should your cravings throw a tantrum. Nothing is better than placating your taste buds during your hospitalization.

#8. Personal Bedding 

If you dont’t fancy the stone-cold mattress or lumpy pillow of your hospital bed, then bring along your personal bedding paraphernalia from home. Not only will this give you a sense of comfort and relaxation, but it will also help you sleep and rest better.

Thus, with these 8 valuable things to keep in mind, make sure your hospital bag is well-equipped with all the necessities to keep you sated. Who knows – you might even enjoy your stay during this time!