Top 3 Pregnancy Anxieties and What to Do About Them


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it can also be worrisome for new mothers-to-be. Ask any pregnant woman what’s on their mind and they’ll probably answer: Will my baby be okay? Will it hurt? Do I look terrible? The truth is many of these fears can be alleviated easily with the right kind of support and advice. Thus, we present the top 3 pregnancy anxieties that women often tussle with, and the solutions to abate these fears.

Anxiety #1. What if I lose my baby?

Miscarriage is a common fear that infiltrates the thoughts of almost every pregnant woman. Mayo Clinic has denoted that up to 20% of pregnant women suffer miscarriage.

1. Watch your Diet.
Miscarriage is triggered by the consumption of inappropriate food and drinks such as caffeinated liquids, alcohol, teas comprising guarana and illegal drugs. Bad habits such as smoking will harm the fetus, so be sure to avoid all these while you’re pregnant.

2. Everyday Activities dont’t cause Miscarriage.
A popular myth is that everyday exercises such as straining and lifting can trigger miscarriage. This worry is unreasonable unless you have a history of miscarriage.

3. dont’t Blame Yourself.
Chromosomal and genetic defects in the fetus trigger a natural miscarriage. So does abnormalities in the mother’s cervix, uterus and thyroid. dont’t whip out the guilt card when bad things happen.

Anxiety #2. Will It Hurt?

This is another ubiquitous anxiety plaguing mothers. The truth is there are many ways to prepare yourself for delivery day.

1. Avoid Layman Moms.
Avoid mothers who exaggerate their delivery woes. Engaging in such bleak conversations will boost your anxiety.

2. Attend Classes.
Childbirth classes provide a crash course in what to expect during your delivery. Coax your husband in accompanying you to these valuable lessons as well.

3. Talk to your Gynecologist.
A trained medical practitioner is more knowledgeable than misleading material over the internet. Squelch your fears by talking to your Gynecologist first and getting regular check-ups.

4. Plan ahead.
Prepare additional finances in case of a delivery emergency. Always keep in mind that things might not go smoothly, and it’s best to plan ahead.

5. Read Up.
Peruse solicited articles regarding pregnancies and deliveries. Take note of valuable tips and key points so you’ll know what to expect.

Anxiety #3. Do I Still Look Beautiful?

Most women feel insecure about their bloated bellies and bulging varicose veins. But you can still be yourself and look gorgeous despite your pregnancy.

1. Choose Proper Attires.
Empire-waist dresses and stretchable pants with elastic lining is the best fashion option whilst you’re pregnant. Even after delivery, remember that your new wardrobe can still make you look attractive as long as you’re confident.

2. Buy Flats.
Flat-soled shoes are comfy and perfect when you’re pregnant. Not to mention, it provides a quick step when you need to chase after your kids.

3. Try Compression Stockings.
Compression Stockings not only ease the swelling from varicose veins, but it also provides a trendy outlook that is chic and eye-catching. Slap on a pair and you’ll see the difference instantly.
So remember – dont’t worry unnecessarily during your pregnancy and confinement period. All that matters is the new life cradled in your arms – and that you’re finally a mom!


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