A Family Who Loves Each Other, No Doubt, Will Stay Together


How many times do we hear people saying that happiness is a choice? Cliche as it sounds, but that is where happiness comes from. It roots from a single decision to spend one’s valuable time choosing to be happy than to waste seconds, minutes, hours, days and years to be sad, and/or angry. We all know that a happy heart brings forth a confident self which in turn results to a happier family where its members thrive in unity and harmony. But sometimes, no matter how much we try to be the happiest version of ourselves, life really gets in the way, and tries to stretch our patience and tries to drain our gladness. What do we do when the going gets tough? How does our family weather the storm? Surprisingly AND sadly, the smallest things can break a family apart. There are husbands and wives who are not communicating because of pride issues. There are children hating their parents because of favoritism. Financial struggle takes its toll and family members lose their heart for each other. Things like these, small at the beginning, but everyday, when not swept off by an open communication can result to the dreadful separation and broken hearts.

So how do we deal with it? For sure, there would always be problems. Marriage never promises a life without problems, but instead it promises a life where even though there are problems, the problems look easier to carry because there are more shoulders that carry the burden. A happy family life does not mean a life without the daily hassles- nor a perfect life! A happy life only means a life being handled with care and compassion especially when these two are needed the most. When the going gets tough, it is the best time to be there for each and every family member- never mean to leave, to abandon. We know that to have a happy family is to understand this principle, to be more optimistic that even when problems arise, the family should be strong enough to face the odds, and beat them, TOGETHER.

In your family, what is your take on this? What are the usual problems that you encounter and add fuel to the burning fire?

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Keep well.