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    Universal Studio

    Any mummies been to Universal Studio with their babies? Any breastfeeding rooms available there? I do know that they have a baby care center with diaper changing stations but not sure if they have any b-fing room.
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    Kids & Vegetables

    My Dh loves sweet veggies .
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    Sms or Call?

    I prefer to sms . Seriously I think Im the only female species who hates talking on phone .
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    Girl or Boy?

    Back then Dh wanted girl and I wanted boy . But now is the other way round .
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    Names you call your kiddos

    Baby , Buibui or Ah bi (Cos that's wad my grandparents used to call me) .
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    Baby sleeping Positions

    On his tummy when he's in his playpen or my bed . Sideways in his sarong . He almost never sleeps on his back .
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    I heard cod fish is not gd . Cause indigestion . Threadfin is still the best .
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    Pls wash new clothings etc before wearing..

    Someone photoshop this to Steven Lim's chest before . I saw it once in another forum . Lol .
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    Infant soothing music/lullaby

    My Ds has been listening to soothing music during bedtime since he was born . Mozart music for baby . He seems to sleep better with it .
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    The Line @ Shangri-La

    Ya I agree it's overpriced . Not much varieties too . Only the ice cream and nonya kueh is nice .
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    Free Waxing

    My friend is learning waxing and she needs a few models . She'll be doing waxing for underarms , legs and bikini line . If you're interested , please pm me .
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    Your ideal size, what's your definition ?

    Ideal figure will be a bod like Maggie Q . Lol .
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    Chalets/resorts in Singapore...

    I just went to Rasa Sayang Resort at Sentosa last week . The room is veri nice if you take the one with garden view . The toilet is big and connected to a small walk in wardrobe . There's an arcade , Ktv , open area with pool tables and table tennis tables . Restaurant on 3rd floor . 3 big...
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    Anybody like to watch Hong Kong TVB Drama Serials?

    Ya I prefer to watch in Cantonese too .