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    WTS pampers tape diaper

    interested. PM u
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    WTS: Lots of baby and maternity clothings.

    interested in the sunflower rocker spring.. already email you..
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    Epidural mark

    no.never notice..
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    EBM - Freezing Guidelines

    hmm same temperature ley.. i think only works for ebm in fridge NOT freezer.. frozen liao how to mix??? i am using chrystal method too..
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    Dr Adrian Woodworth at Compass Point

    any special medicination/supplement that is not included inside the $550... (e.g calcium pills)
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    EBM - Freezing Guidelines

    i keep EBM in the fridge for maximum 48 hrs.. dont advise to transfer from fridge to freezer.. if want to keeep in freezer once express out straight away keep inside freezer..
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    Can 1yr old baby stil drinks milk for below 1yr?

    i think shd be okie lah..more nutritous!! haa
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    EDD Jan 2012 Mummies

    I had epidural.. i cannot imagine going through labour without it.. i dont think i can tahan the pain.. I am not sure about the slow down labour progress part as my labour is still okie.. abt 8~9hrs bah..which is normal for 1st timer.. Regarding baby latching or baby sleepy.. i dont think epi...
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    Diaper rash

    Apply diaper rash cream to get rid of the diaper rash.. U may want to apply a barrier cream each time you change diaper.. I am using mustela barrier cream everytime i change my ds diaper.. so far so gd..
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    Food to avoid while breast feeding

    hmm baby is now 2 mth old..i am still breastfeeding but i didnt avoid any food in particular.. Just eat normally.. Regarding to DOM.. i just make sure i drink it AFTER feeding my bb..
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    EDD Jan 2012 Mummies

    I got no idea.. most likely hopsital will discard the cord.. i dont think they will keep it.
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    EDD Jan 2012 Mummies

    will be donating my baby's cord blood... meeting the rep from scbb during my next gynea's visit to sign the papers..
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    EDD Jan 2012 Mummies

    yes..for confinment..thanks for the info...
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    EDD Jan 2012 Mummies

    any mummies know where to get dry shampoo? what brand to get?
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    EDD Jan 2012 Mummies

    Dr adrian woodworth at SK..hmm maybe i will check with him during my next visit..