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    gynaes clinic in bedok delivers in tmc or mt alv

    Hi mummies, any gynaes in bedok whom delivers at tmc/mt alv to recommend? Please advice! Thanks in adv.
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    IUD placement

    Hi, u remb how long u bleed the other time? And was it like very heavy?
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    IUD placement

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    IUD placement

    Hi, any mummies here did IUD placement? Did u all bleed after that? How long did it last and how heavy was it? Thanks in advance.
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    Birth announcement!!

    My birthdate! :) congrats!
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    gender predictor chart

    Just curious. How many of us here look up for gender predictor chart? And how many of us here believe in gender predictor kit?
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    Bleeding but confirmed pregnancy after which

    I don't have msn. This is my no.4. :)
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    Bleeding but confirmed pregnancy after which

    Still can't detect baby heartbeat. Am at 5week now. My bleeding is fresh blood like menstruation. How about you? What did your Gynae say?
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    high fever @ 40'c and above.

    Dear mummies, my 4yo girl is having a fever attack. Seen doctor. Given brufen and dhamol. Had been giving both as doc's instruction but the fever is not coming down. Also kept sponging her le. Feel so heartache. Not sure if sending her to hospital, will they give injection to bring the...
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    Losing Hope

    I am experiencing a similar thing now. Had a sudden gush of blood, I thought was menstruation. But after that incident, no continuos I bought a kit and tested. It was positive. But I didn't know whether I had a miscarriage. So I went to my usual Gynae. He scan and confirmed my...
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    Bleeding but confirmed pregnancy after which

    Hi anyone occurred some thing like that? Bleeding (which thought was the usual menstruation), then totally nothing came the next few days. Bought the kit to test and was positive?
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    Any good childcare in Jurong

    My girl is in AGAPE LIL UNI located at Jln Bahar. Near Boon Lay also. Now she can do many things on her own! =)
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    Recommendations for Baby Photography? TRY THIS!
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    Formula for new born

    both my babies having S26 during nb. No problems with that and they grows well! Haha. Initially i gave my girl similac, but she cant poo also. So i change to s26. And now progress gold at step 3.
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    Bond with Babies.

    thanks mummies! Baby gave caretaker many probs - kept crying n refused to sleep at night. However when we brought him back today, he slept very soundly when i took care of him. I'm glad he still prefers me although i'm not his primary caretaker now. hubby offered to look after baby tonight n...