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    wad Skin care r u using ?

    I recently tried Caudalie.. not bad cos I'm quite particular about chemicals in my skincare. It's quite hard to find but Sephora has it. I found somewhere selling cheaper :realmad:though if you're comfortable with buying online. You can try I'm gonna purchase there after my...
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    Anyone tried eyebrow embroidery @ Bearfully Intl ?

    For me I recommend not to let those china aunties do it.. lol did my 1st with them at a shop in clementi (can't rmb the name) and it looks way bad. U can try a shop at chinatown, basically her daughter is the famous manicurist/owner of Glitzy Fingers and her mom does eyebrow embroidery really...
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    Dark Eye Circle

    I've tried it few years back but it didn't really work well for me.. If you're worried about dark eye circles, I think sleeping well definitely helps. :001_302: For me I'm using the Shiseido White Lucent Dark Circle Eye, it works pretty good. Bought it cause it helps in dark eye circles, lines...
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    What skincare do you apply in the morning? Lets share!

    Hi Mummies, I'm mostly a stay-at-home mum since my daughter is still rather young. Normally when I go out, I just use moisturizer and a sunscreen, what abt u guys? I know of some "siao on" ppl who apply serums and what not in the morning and I'm wondering if I should start caring for my skin...
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    Any good products to recommend, where to get them?

    Thanks for the recommendation, mummy rayban! :001_302: I went to check out their site and the prices are quite good, I ended up getting the Cellumination Essence from SK-II cos the girl at the live chat told me its the same as the latest Genoptics version, just that the name changed. Actually...
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    Where did you buy your SKII Products

    Nvr heard of xiaomei be4.. will go check it out. But I get my fte frm at about $150 and so far it works well in lightening my acne scars
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    eye care product

    try estee lauder eye serum maybe? its worked quite well for my lines. also not very heavy for day time use. just that its expensive but i don't buy mine at counters.. bought at viimart and i saved $40 :tlaugh:
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    Cleansing oil/lotion

    i like cleansing oil better.. some cleansers aer very harsh. i personally use the kose cleansing oil and its quite good. bought mine for ard 20+ at viimart.. cox they gave me a $10 discount when i registered :win:
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    eyebags / dark circle.

    Is it because of sleep? Sometimes when I don't sleep well my circles and bags also damn jialat.. :embarrassed: I don't use a eye cream every time but on those days I use clinique dark circle corrector. U can try :Dancing_wub: if im not wrong i bought it abt $50 at viimart, cox tangs is like $70 wth
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    How do you manage to keep your hair dandruff free?

    I have dandruff occasionally too. I don't know why it keeps coming back to me for some reason :realmad: but recently I used Bc bonacure (which i heard is under schwarzkopf?) dandruff control shampoo and it seems to have gotten rid of those after 2-3 washes. Its quite cheap too, I got mine at...
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    recomendations for good slimming products?

    I'm not too sure abt slimming but maybe you can try Clarins body products. I first know about them when the salesperson in airport recommended to me. I saw Sephora selling it but its quite exp. :eek: Got to know a shop through google and they sold it cheaper than...
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    Good Anti Acne Products to recommend?

    IOPE is quite good and cheap. I got to know them when I was in Korea. Couldn't find it in sg when I came back but I googled and found selling it so I bought it from them. So far so good for my skin, it did cleared up a bit of my acne.
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    Any good hydrating mask to recommend for acne skin?

    I use the Soothing Moisture Mask (not sure if I got the name right but it's something like that) from Avene as I have sensitive skin so I prefer my skin care to be as natural as possible. I got it from if that helps, they sell it slightly cheaper than Guardian.
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    cleanser for dry and sensitive skin

    I find that Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion works well for me.. it is very affordable and avene is always known to be a brand for sensitive skin. I buy it from if that helps as they sell it cheaper than Guardian. :tbounce:
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    Any good products to recommend, where to get them?

    Hello mummies, I'm new to this forum so pardon me if I make any mistakes, heh. :001_302: I like to try new skin care products that are effective so I was wondering if any mummies out there have any skin care brands/ products to recommend that are effective? If so, do you know where to get them...