reductil 15 mg

  1. N

    Reductil is awesome

    Hi mummies, Like most of you from this forum, I am also proud with my positive experience with Reductil. I find this medicine being one of the most effective slimming pills. I used Reductil 15 mg for about 2 months andI am glad to say that I lost 9 kg during this period. I lost weight after...
  2. evelyn33

    REDUCTIL Pros and Cons

    Reductil is a great appetite suppressant and I personally know many people that lost weight with this diet pill. I used it myself 3 years ago and it worked great. However Reductil was banned and many people say it's dangerous. I thought it would be great to discuss here what are the positive...
  3. L

    Reductil in Singapore

    I'm desperate to find Reductil in Singapore since it has been banned. This is the only weight loss product that really worked for me. Any one can help?