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Discussion in 'Slimming, Health and Body' started by lindsey03, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. lindsey03

    lindsey03 New Member

    I'm desperate to find Reductil in Singapore since it has been banned. This is the only weight loss product that really worked for me.
    Any one can help?
  2. paulinepoh80

    paulinepoh80 Member

    I was the reductil sales rep. Yes, sadly a good weight loss drug is withdraw from its use. It also works on me very well. It is not available worldwide. Even if still hv it would have expired. Don't take appetite suppressant like duromine or panbesy. It will rebound after stop. Many side effects.
  3. laila0chu

    laila0chu Member

    You're right pauline, duromine and panbesy should be better avoided.
    Re reductil I have recently found an online pharmacy that sells the generic reductil at low prices. I've placed an order in August and it arrived safe in Singapore. Now I'm taking Reductil for almost a month and I can confirm the pills are effective. I'm not thinking anymore about food and I'm - 5kg now :)
  4. dreamland gal

    dreamland gal Member

    Reductil might reduce water and muscle in our body and hence cause weight to reduce. But does it really reduce body fats? What about organ fats? A more appropriate approach of reducing weight is to reduce body and organ fats without any loss in muscle. There is another method of slimming down (TRA) without the need to starve and no weight rebound even when we stopped the program for eg 1 year. Even doctors are also taking this 3 mth slimming product. Our consultant will also monitor our progress regularly to ensure results are seen.
  5. lindy36ho

    lindy36ho New Member

    Indeed not all diet pills are safe. I've tried Reductil last year and had many side effects so I gave up..
    Now I'm using Acomplia. It's also an appetite suppressant but seems to be more safe.
    I use it for 2 months and lost -8kg. I have no side effects and feel fine. :Dancing_wub:
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  6. seow

    seow Member

    Reductil may be dangerous! Just try some similar herbal products.
    I lost my weight with MagaHoodia slimming pills and got great results.
    -10gk in just 3 months. and MegaHoodia works similar to Reductil ,
    it suppresses your appetite and you eat much less.
  7. lindsey03

    lindsey03 New Member

    Hi girls, thanks for your inputs!
    I do appreciate your advice but I'm a stubborn person :) and I did buy some Reductil to lose my stubborn weight, :Dancing_sorry:
    since it's the only weight loss product that really worked for me in the past.
    I ordered on this site as recommended and didn't have any problems to receive it in Singapore in only 6 days.

    I take generic reductil 15mg for about a week now and I really can feel that immediate effect on me.
    I've no more appetite and I'm - 1.5kg this first week.
    Except a dry mouth I have no other side effects and I feel ... optimistic :Dancing_biggrin:

    Good luck to all of you, no matter how you're losing your weight!
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  8. yea~ good luck to all successful women ~!!

    i tried duromine and phentomine before.............. rather dissappointing. because will bounce back.... no hunger during the days too.

    now, im having a slimming detox product, fully made of fruits and vegetables. i can have my freedom to eat what i want........

    anyway, if looking for bonjour-bonsoir. can contact me @ 90688900.

    results rather slow for me, 5weeks only lost 7.6kg.... but im rather glad, because im consuming natural ingredients. (The Stage of Weight Management)

    for results , u can go .............. i consume since 5december2012... so the result a bit more further huge difference;.... or probably u can scroll those photos people tagged me during nov2012...................... at least 3belts holes loosen....
  9. Yai yai

    Yai yai New Member


    reductil is withdrawn already years ago. Caused Abbott losses in millions of dollars. Was a very gd product but withdrawn due to some risks in certain kinds of heart patients. Sometimes politics between different companies can have effects on drugs being withdrawn as those in the authorities can also be influenced. Came from pharma, used to be at Abbott, so I know reductil no longer sold, a lot of doctors love this drug though.
  10. mikelaSG

    mikelaSG New Member

    Hi. where was your order shipped from?
  11. lindsey03

    lindsey03 New Member


    It arrived from United Kingdom by Air mail in a discreet envelope.

    I'm on 4th week now and I'm already - 5kg !!!

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  13. NiaNia

    NiaNia New Member

    may i know what is the website?
  14. lindsey03

    lindsey03 New Member

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  15. Leomaiden

    Leomaiden Member

    Hi Lindsey03, just to check. the name of the reductil pills under the website is Generic Reductil (Meridia) LadyFinger 15 mg, right.
  16. lindsey03

    lindsey03 New Member

    Hi, actually this product is stated as out of stock, but you have to write them a message asking for Reductil 15 and they will explain you the buying procedure.
    As Reductil is a banned product, they do not display it online as available.
  17. Leomaiden

    Leomaiden Member

    Thanks for the advice :)
  18. evelyn33

    evelyn33 New Member

    hi vivian

    I'm desperate to find reductil as this is the only pill that really works on me

    how can i buy it online if the site you speak about is out of stock for reductil and there's no possibility to order it online ?

    please help !
  19. newuser

    newuser New Member

    I need Reductil too. Please advise where and how to order.

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