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Hi. If you have a Visa you can easily buy Reductil 10mg or 15mg on www.cheapmeds4u.com
I ordered 2 weeks ago and received my order yesterday :Dancing_wub: It's written 'sibutramine' on the back of the blister.
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I tried acomplia 20mg diet pills, but I took these pills for about a week and a half, because they simply were not compatible with my work etc and I was too scared of embarrassing side effects even taking them properly. I had seen in a forum which many spoke of reductil and I said to myself to try. The Reductil helped me a lot. but you don't imagine that they're magic pills. You should follow some rules and know when and what dose to take. However I will not be telling too much because I just want to express my gratitude to those who still is commercializando. Now I'm taking reductil 15 mg Reductil, I bought 60 pills on http://www.online-viagranow.com and I paid with the Postpay.


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Hello girls
Sincerely I am very happy of the goodresults of Sibutramine diet pills. I got them from this site:
it seemed to be serious so I decided tobuy them online (I do not find them in pharmacies any more) So, Ireceived the orders within several days (they ship from UK) everything works perfectly !!!
I managed to loose weight very fast ahad no secondary effects... thus I can sustain that reductil pillsare really the best !!

cheers !

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Hi mummies!

I'm on Reductil for almost 6 weeks and I have already lost 8kg.
The only side effect I have is a dry mouth and occasional headaches. Instead I feel more energetic then before and there is much less hunger!!!

I thought there was no way for me to lose extra weight but Reductil is really effective and helps me a lot. I would recommend it to any one wanting to lose weight.
www.cheapmeds4u.com is the site I buy it on. I pay with my Visa and receive the package in about 2 weeks time. It's discreet and safe.

Best wishes to all of you!


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I stopped reductil for a while (during summer) and restarted taking it a month ago as I still have to lose about 12-15kg. My last order was a bit different. I received Trimex(sibutramine) which are yellow not white and blue as the usual ones.
I was skeptical at first but the customer support said it's the same chemical composition so I do take them. My appetite is much less, no cravings any more. I think I lost about 3 kg this month but I want to lose more.
Will go to the gym next week...maybe :we2cute:


good luck lindsey, doing some workouts is always beneficial
I'm losing weight with acomplia diet pills and also try to exercise at least twice a week as this speeds the weight loss


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hey, Bonjour Bonsoir, do you know that you can buy safely reductil sibutramine pills 10 mg or 15 mg, as you want and wish on www.allgenericmedsnow.com?
The website leading selling product is Reductil!
You can choose the quantity you want and proceed to the payment page without any troubles.
If you have any questions, I'll be glad to give you more info, just tell me ;)
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Dear mummies, i dont have a VISA card. so , is it possible to purchase from you all? for the 1 month supply i will pay with the shipping cost as well
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Dear mummies, i dont have a VISA card. so , is it possible to purchase from you all? for the 1 month supply i will pay with the shipping cost as well
you can use any friend's Visa without problems or pay by bank.
yesterday I've received my second order from cheapmeds4u.com but there's just one months supply and can't share it with you as I start them today.
I've lost 4.5kg the first month without any effort.
good luck to you!


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Hi All,

I tried to buy thru cheapmeds4u.com using my visa card but i rec sms from bank inform about my transaction. And it shows my transaction used is CNY currency.
So i'm not sure whether which currency shows the correct amt.
Pls advise.


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yes, lily890 you can buy Reductil online 10mg or 15mg on www.allgenericmedsnow.com.
The price is a little expensive but you can buy it for a special price - 3.5EURO/pill, of course if you buy more pills.
The process of ordering is really simple, the payment system is secure, and the client support service is polite and really helpful...

So, if somebody wants to order from here too, you will not regret.
I've made my order 2 months ago, lost 7kg and will not stop on this. My aim is to lose 10 kgs by Christmas, hope to achieve my goal. Will let you know in a month, maybe I will lose more :)
a wonderful weekend to everybody!


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I wouldn't actually try any other site just because the price is better. I trust my net source and I remain loyal.
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Thanks for suggestions Lolitta, of course there are many sites selling Sibutramine online but most of them sell sugar pills and it's not quite safe to go for any of them.

We already know and trust a couple of online pharmacies that sell genuine Reductil to Singapore and we actually don't need to test any other site.

Joanne is right, proven pills are the safer ;)