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Hi All,

I tried to buy thru cheapmeds4u.com using my visa card but i rec sms from bank inform about my transaction. And it shows my transaction used is CNY currency.
So i'm not sure whether which currency shows the correct amt.
Pls advise.

It actually depends on your bank, as your account is in CNY currency the bank converts it to USD equivalent when you make the payment. So you can check the bank rates on the payment date.


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Reductil in Singapore from reductil-meridia.biz !!!

Hello to all on this forum,
I see joanne, eileen, and lily are loyal to their source. :webiggrin:
Me too, I remain loyal to www.reductil-meridia.biz Online pharmacy. Judging from its name, this website specializes in shipping real sibutramine pills, no sugar pills as somebody has mentioned before. :D
I see another user on this forum betterlife 27 has the same opinion as I do "
As the website name suggests itself, its leading selling product is Reductil!
I am buying now Reductil 10mg because it is cheaper than 15 mg but if I do not lose the desired weight till the New Year I will switch to Reductil 15 mg. will see how the things will go.


Hi mummies!

Actually everyone has it's own mind to decide where to order Reductil online.

As for me I tried many sites but I trust cheapmeds4u.com

I have lot of friends that order online on this site and all of them are happy about its service.

These guys ship to SG in a week or so and always in a discreet cover which is great.

Besides their products are always effective and fresh.

I use their generic Reductil pills and lose like 4-5KG a month that is so great! :Dancing_tongue:

Take care everyone!
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I have difficulty purchasing in these websites... my order keeps declining... I believe my card have no problem coz I have been using in my shopping... Do I need to fo extra step for my purchase. ..


I have difficulty purchasing in these websites... my order keeps declining... I believe my card have no problem coz I have been using in my shopping... Do I need to fo extra step for my purchase. ..

I have ordered months ago on cheapmeds4u.com and paid by bank transfer, it's much easier. Just ask them for bank details.


Hi estherlss, if you take it for the first time you may start with 10mg dosage and after 1-2 months switch to 15mg.
If you've taken Reductil before you can take just 15mg pills.
Wishing you luck!


right, it is. but the pills are really effective and safe so it's quite worthy

btw if you buy more pills you pay less


I agree with lily, reductil is quite expensive but worthy as no other slimming pill can have such a powerful and immediate effect.


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Hi mummys!

I'm gonna place an order for reductil 15 mg on cheapmeds4u.com
but I need just a month supply
Anyone wants to join and then share shipping cost?
if so PM me I will give you my tel number

Dear Lindy36ho,
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Indeed not all diet pills are safe. I've tried Reductil last year and had many side effects so I gave up..
Now I'm using Acomplia (rimonabant). It's also an appetite suppressant but seems to be more safe.
I use it for 2 months and lost -8kg. I have no side effects and feel fine. :Dancing_wub:


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I am planning to order the reductil tomorrow. As the shipping duration will take 7-14 days and I wish to slim down before cny. Do PM me by tomorrow if anyone interested to share the shipping cost.