1. D

    Upcoming Autopilot Slimming Program Intensive Workshop (9, 16 & 23 March 2013)

    ” In the past, I spent thousands of dollars on slimming supplement and gym packages with stringent diet. However, the resulst were NOT SUSTAINABLE. I was fustratated and it affected my confidence. After enroling into the Ultimate Slimming Program & coaching, I lost 1.7kg in 2 weeks without any...
  2. K

    Want to know more about how a healthy breakfast can help you Slim Down?

    STOP using medication to slim down, Want to know how to slim down by using health supplement? Want to know a healthier way to slim down, just by changing a healthy breakfast? Check out my website to see those successful stories and enjoy a FREE Body Evaluation. ^_^ Lose Weight Now - Ask Me How...
  3. beauticove

    Slimming Massage for body reshaping

    Hi Mummies I specialize in Slimming Massage plus wraps to get the figure back in shape. Great for new mums or ladies who have stubborn areas of fat that dont't respond to diet and exercise. I have treated many mums and working women. From my experience, these are the areas that require help...
  4. D

    home based facial and slimming services

    Hey people! ever thought that having a facial treatment or slimming treatment was too expensive outside? now we've brought to you a whole new cheaper way of getting beautiful cheaper,safe,and effectively! our home based facial and body slimming services is carried out at ang mo kio avenue 10...
  5. I

    Oriental Herbs Air Refresher w/ slimming function -1st in the world from Korea

    Gambisoo Air Refresher Giveaway Contest on facebook. ($700 worth of product) The best review with the most 'like' stands to win free prizes delivered to your doorsteps for free! For more information, please visit us at
  6. M

    Weight lost within 2 months!

    Hi mommies, Ive noticed some threads from mommies, finding methods,supplements and ways to shed off those pregnancy pounds for good. Well i do wanna recommend a product which im consuming right now. Its call bios life slim from Unicity. It is made of natural herbs and plants. Why i trust...
  7. B

    Lytess Slimming undergarments

    Hello!! I have try this slimming undergarment & have recommended some of my friends. They are really satisfied with the results given. some event lost up to 2 inches upon wearing twice it is imported from france shops all over USA, France & europe countries. The Lytess Corrective Belt...
  8. A

    Post natal slimming package for sale

  9. B

    Expanding waistlines poses danger to health

    Very unfortunate to a colik who was in her early 40s, heard she might have stroke in the bath in the morning but no one was home. By the time her family found her, it was too late. All along I had been an great advocate of TRA because i have slimmed down using it, and have seen many people...
  10. S

    Carbo and Fat blocker made of natural white kidney beans & cactus fiber@ $0.60 each

    This is all I can recommend. Detox, Cleanse and Lose Weight in 9 Days ! Forever Clean 9 and Forever Lean
  11. D

    “5 mins a day ~ Healthy & Active Always”

    LOHAS Meridian ExerciseTM is an enhanced version of the normal meridian exercise which has been widely practised locally and overseas. LOHAS Meridian ExerciseTM is a simple and effective exercise and strokes which is suitable for participants of all ages (from young kids to the elderly,)...
  12. M

    Slimming firm suspected of rigging scales to fool dieters

    Goes to show that tactics will never work unless your treatments do. Simple as that. Hope they dont't end up tainting the name of their singapore Body Perfect and the entire slimming industry ! Police suspect that a slimming company accused of failing to pay up after promising customers...
  13. D

    LOHAS Digest 17 - A slimming story from Penang

    Hi Mummy Just to share with you about this article about life story of slimming sustainably. Enjoy reading:Dancing_wub:.... "Dear Friends of Beacon LOHAS, Have you MM lately? It has been very hazy lately. Do remember to practise LOHAS 1-to-5 to stay healthy. Why many people are...
  14. coco^v^

    Best Slimming Product

    Which are the best ones among all that you have tried? How about those OTC like i-slim etc? Any particular brand which you have tried really proven to be very effective and fast? Pls share and happy new year to all! :Dancing_wub: