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  1. coco^v^

    coco^v^ Member

    Which are the best ones among all that you have tried? How about those OTC like i-slim etc? Any particular brand which you have tried really proven to be very effective and fast? Pls share and happy new year to all! :Dancing_wub:
  2. Ange

    Ange Member

    Hi coco^v^,

    Perhap you can try on acunpuncture slimming. I have live example from my frenz who take up the slimming session and within 3wks, she slim down by 4KGs. She is able to curb her diets now and acunpuncture increase her metabolism rate. Furthermore is effective and affordable.
  3. ger-mummy

    ger-mummy Member

    how much is the acupuncture? package? and which one?
  4. kbfgrace

    kbfgrace Member

    Are you referring to the 1 from LFI?
  5. Ange

    Ange Member

    Ya.. i heard it from my frenz, quite popular now in the market. Furthermore is effective.

    Hi Ger mummy,

    Is depend on your body need, as before signing any package u nit to take an inbody test which cost only 10.70. After that the consultant will based on the report and customise an package for you which last for 3mth.
  6. coco^v^

    coco^v^ Member

    Thks for all the suggestions and feedback but LFI is too expensive for me. For those who mentioned diet or nutritional drink/meal, can provide more info over here pls? I think many others would be interested to know too. Thks.
  7. Corrinne Ong

    Corrinne Ong New Member

    How about Dr Diet Nutritious Drink? Meant for anyone who want to GAIN or LOSE weight....

    Drink 12 months ago for 3 months. Till now, still able to maintain my weight, shape and no yoyo effect!

    It is quite delicious too - 50% similar to ice mocha!
  8. kiranpannu

    kiranpannu New Member

    So whts the name of the drink and how much it costs?
  9. need

    need Member

    may be can try a diet juice formulated by a doctor.
  10. yhynyn

    yhynyn New Member


    I have tried the Sleeveless Slimming Top. It really helps to flatten my tummy. From 38 inches to 34 inches within a month. Have to wear it at least 5-6 hours a day. Normally, I wear it to work everyday and nite time till the next morning. It is also good for those post-natal mummy, not only helps to flatten the tummy, it also helps to uplift bust and back support.

    Take a look at my blog. Thks.
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  11. ce526

    ce526 Member

    I am on herbalife products.

    previously I am on LFI.. the taste does not suit me at all

    Now Herbalife is having Lose weight program to WIN CASH

    email me at for more details...

    Me lose abt 3 kG in one months...:shyxxx:
  12. SCartoon

    SCartoon Alpha Male

    Hi i have tried the TRA weight management programme in 2007.lost about 6kg but 8 cm in waist during this 3-month fat lose programme. till today, there's no rebound!
  13. pq050603

    pq050603 Member

    me now on herbal life too...not sure will it helps mah
  14. nataliecxy

    nataliecxy Member

    FANCL Perfect Slim Drink EX....took 1 bottle before exercising..lost 5 kg before my wedding photoshots
  15. Christin3457

    Christin3457 New Member

    Capsiplex Slimming Pills - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
  16. KiaraNg

    KiaraNg New Member

    I am on herbalife products. In a month, i lose 5kg, improve constipation and increase energy level, all without exercise and starvation. Herbalife products focus on providing sufficient nutritions to the cells. Many ppl are unable to sustain after losing weight as they only manage to lose weight rather than removing body fats. With proper consumption of the product, you will be able to lose body fats and organ fats thus resulting a more sustainable body weight and healthier body.
    To find out more message me
  17. jacquelinelum

    jacquelinelum Member

    I started taking all plant based protein and a meal replacement drink called positrim as breakfast for 2 weeks, and my weight came down 2kg! most important, my body fats also came down by 3%. Its amazing as body fats very difficult to maintain. the meal replacement really effective, as i can maintain my weight all the time and yet one pack provides the vitaminas and minerals our body need.
  18. hlf82

    hlf82 New Member

    Herbalife VS Tra or any other weight management industries

    Herbalife is in 88 countries currently and has 32 years of history. Theres alot of bad rumors of Herbalife, but it is still standing strongly and is the 2nd fastest growing company after Apple as the first. Most importantly, we are the only company with a Nobel Prize winner, Dr Louis Ignarro working for us, and not just endorsing our products. We also have top footballers like David Becknam and Leo Messi taking our products daily.

    As for me, myself.. I have lost 10kg in 3 months with my arthritis, migrane, high blood pressure, high cholestrol, gastric all improved greatly. I'm no longer on medication for the above problems. I have tried tra and other slimming products b4, but my weight rebounce after i resume my normal diet. But for Herbalife, my weight has never rebounce for almost 3 years, even if i eat my favourite western food 3 times a seek.

    And most importantly, Herbalife suits even for pregeant and breastfeeding mums. And is also proven that children who take our nutrition shakes grow up better and taller than other kids.

    Interested to know more or get on the products can pm me. I believe my 3 years experience in Herbalife, helping as many as 30 customers lose / gain weight and improving their health, can also help you to achieve your desire weight and body shape in the shortest time without rebounce.
  19. MissyPolkaDolly

    MissyPolkaDolly New Member

    I took MAQUI coffee n detox

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