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Try Tolpa Slimming Modelling Concentrate which reduces body fat by 14% and slimming by 1.4~2.4cm.

With drainage effect | reduce abdomen circumference -2.4cm | thighs -1.4cm | reduce body fat 14% | increase skin elasticity 13%

Works on sensitive hypoallergenic skin.


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Acomplia diet pill was the best for me.

I've been on it recently and finally managed to shift my stubborn extra kilos.

I've lost 11kgs in 3 months, easily, with no effort, no diet, no stress.

Acomplia is just amazing, would highly recommend!



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hi mommies !

i'm here as i need to slim down to save my relationship and i'm searching for reductil pills

i used reductil 3 year ago and lost weight fast

i can't find it in pharmacies any more and really need your suggestions

please help !


I have a slimming product to recommend. It is a meal supplement (yes, supplement, not replacement, so you still continue with your meals.. I know how sian it is to be drinking meal replacement everyday as i am those who enjoy my meals. Of cuz, try to avoid unhealthy food such as fast foods, etc). It is called Bios Life Slim. Not only it helps to burn fats, it actually train your body to burn fats. It is all natural too. Just take it 10 to 15 mins before meal, twice a day. Tried and result proven by many. PM me if you're interested. Trial pack is available. :)

For me is definitely USANA meal replacement meal.

1) contains essentials nutrients for healthy weight management
2) Suits my budget
3) one of the top US health sciences
4) most impt it works!! Not only for me but for my whole family cause the fat genes are in us!!!!


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I have set my goal for losing my 15kg or so in the next 4 months by keeping a low carb diet and exercising... but I found out I have a popped disc so my doctor has told me that I can’t do any exercise other than yoga. Because of this problem my weight loss now is around 1kg a month. This is really slow and I really need extra help.
I've read many mommies here are losing weight with Reductil and decided to try it too. Yesterday I have transferred money to for a month supply of Reductil 10mg.
I'm a little nervous as I've never bought any pills online before but... I do hope everything will be fine.



Hi all, I've tried LFI in 2010 and it really worked. I lost more than 7 kgs. I gained almost 15kg during my pregnancy and I am considering gg back there.
I would stringly reccomend USANA nutrimeal, help us to lose weight in a healthier way and it is not expensive. I had benefited by losing 5 kgs in 5 days. So can you!!!

I hope to help all mummies out therr.
Let work together towards our ideal weight :)


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Hi momies!

To my mind, Reductil diet pills is a proven way for 100% weight loss :purple:

My marriage was near and I was looking for quick and steady weight loss.
I got reference of Reductil from one of my friends and ordered it online

I have lost 16KG in 3 months time!

Its just awesome!!!
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Hi all,

I have lost 10kg from TRA program and from size L to S. Stop the program for almost a year and no weight rebound!!

TR90 upgraded version from TRA that target fat genes is even more powerful!!

Ready stock selling at prelaunch price $1820 for 90 days program. Free delivery !

Can contact me at Jane _90678733. Thanks!

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Last year, I took TRA and lost 10kg and drop from size L to S. First time in my life at age 40 years old, I can confidently wear bikini

No rebound of weight.
Now the upgraded version TR90 is even more powerful as it reset fat genes and build lean muscles!
Ready stock available at Discounted prelaunch price!
Can contact Jane at 90678733​
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I am 32 years old and I weight 80kg.:embarrassed: I tried many diets, I ate small portions of food, exercised a lot, went to the gyms for months but the weight i was losing came back in a few weeks.
Very often I've read that weight loss pills may be successful if you find the one that suits you. Since everyone is different, one and the same pill may work for me but dont't be of any use to others.
Reading a lot about Reductil Sibutramine pills I decided to give it a try. I bought generic Reductil 10 mg on as I found the price to be cheaper than in other online drugstores.

Its generic name is Sibutramine, brand Reductil was suspended a few years ago (in 2010, I think...)

After 2 months taking Reductil I noticed that it works on some parts of my nervous system, so in this way Sibutramine pills can be comparable to the way anti-depressants work. Though I may still feel hungry, the amount of food that would make me feel full would be considerably less. So, as a result, after taking the pill I took smaller portions, ate less and didn't have any desire to eat really soon.
I think I will continue taking Reductil for 2-3 months and see if the weight I lost doesn't come back, hope it won't...
I will come back later and share with you my full story.
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I'm on my 2nd month of using Reductil and have amazing results.
I've lost 5kg the first month and I continue losing weight easily.
Have had some side effects (insomnia, headaches) the first 2 weeks, now it's much better.
I feel fine and have no appetite at all. is the site I bought these pills on. It's been a positive experience for me so
I would certainly recommend it.
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Hi mother007
I'm also considering REDUCTIL as being the BEST slimming product. :red:

The results are really amazing, -5kg monthly that's fantastic!

I have no problems sleeping at night but I feel my mouth dry and have occasional headaches too. However this is not a big problem as far as I'm losing that much from my weight.

Happy slimming from now on :)


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I'm taking Reductil for almost 3 months.
I have weighted myself today and guess what... I have lost 13KG!!!!!!
I'm very very happy :wong6::wong3:


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If reductil is generic it may have different colour, white and blue or yellow and blue... this doesn't matter as the chemical composition is still the same