weight loss

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    NEW ! Cool Slimming Cream

    *** Highly Recommend for MUMMYS*** This slimming gel is especially for mummy's who just gave birth it helps to reduce/remove stretch marks almost instantly in 7 days! It also helps with Slimming, Cut Stubborn fats cells, reduce water retention, Whitening and lots more benefit Unlike other...
  2. Uendi

    Effective & Healthy Weight Loss Programme

    Hi everyone, I would like to recommend an effective & healthy weight loss programme if anyone is looking for one. This balanced weight management system that hosted by Mark MacDonald, a well-known celebrity nutritionist and renowned fitness trainer. Mark McDonald is a fitness and nutrition...
  3. S

    Losing The Right Weight by Dieting?? Diet = Dinner is exciting time....

    I know a lot of people losing weight by dieting...but are those dieting plan really help losing the right weight?? Indeed...our body will produce fat to block toxin....if we just doing the traditional diet plan it might help us lose weight in some way but the question is are we really losing the...
  4. Q

    Be Fit - Total Garcinia Cambogia

    Niki Tan 65-85115868 email: nikitan@purewisdom.com.sg https://www.facebook.com/Purewisdom.com.sg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Be Fit - Total Garcinia Cambogia (Dr.Oz Recomanded) Uses: body sculpting, weight loss products Plant Origin: Garcinia cambogia (Garcinia Cambogia)...
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    10 Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

    There are many reasons for wanting to lose weight. Among the many reasons are feeling more energetic, better health, and more self confidence. It seems as if it should be an easy goal to accomplish once the desire for these things hits. However, it is not so easy to do, especially for those...
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    WTS: Diet Shakes for postpartum weight loss

    I have the following to sell: Korean's No. 1 diet brand - Nutri-D Diet Shakes Please see reveiew at Qoo10 - Qoo10 - [Nutri D-DAY] Diet Shakes / individual packaging 28ea! / 8 Kinds Flavo... : Body Care / Diet 1) Cookies & Cream shake 25g x 28pcs (2 boxes) 2) Crispy Nut Shake 25g x 28pcs (2...
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    I will try to lose my overweight.

    Hello from me. I have a problem with obesity and now I will try to lose my overweight with product for weight loss reductan. Does anyone know anything about this product?
  8. D

    Weight Management after pregnancy

    I guess most mummies would have the same problem of weight management after pregnancy. The tummy fats is usually the one that is difficult to get rid. This happens to me. Have anyone tried TRA from Nuskin or the Weight loss program from herbal life? Which do you think is more effective?
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    Clenbuterol HCl Astralean 40 mcg any experiences?

    I see here many topics dedicated to various Weight Loss Products Reductil, Acompia, Xenical... What about Clenbuterol HCl Astralean 40 mcg, has anybody heard of it or maybe used it? I was referred to try it if I do not have to lose too many kg and want to tone my body :) I have read that many...
  10. beauticove

    All Natural Post natal slimming massage

    XMAS OFFER! $60 Slimming Massage and Dr Babor Microdermabrasion Facials BODY SLIMMING We know what women want when it comes to looking and feeling good. When diets and exercise fail in correcting specific areas of the body, Beauticove reccommends slimming massage and wrap. Exactly what you...
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    Grab this $48 discount vouncher and special workshop price!

    Happy Birthday, Singapore! To celebrate this special event, attend this all time favourite workshop - LOHAS Meridian Self Therapy Program and/or Ultimate Slimming Workshop (twin registration only) at a discount of $48! Or attend the new and effective Knee and Joint Pain class at only $48...
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    Zumba and Hot Yoga

    Hi there.. I am new here in this forum. My friends and myself are into Zumba and Hot Yoga classes so wondering if any friends here wanna join us and workout together? The more, the merrier! We would love to make new friends from other countries to learn the different cultures too...
  13. D

    How to set your own Autopilot Slimming Program according to your lifestyle?

    “My old belief was slimming and weight lost means control my food, eat more vegetable and exercise 3 times a week. However, I tried those methods many times and it showed very little results and NOT SUSTAINABLE. That’s why I put on 1 or 2 kg every year I get older. My excuses were I was busy...
  14. Nikitan

    Hi MummySG, Anyone wants to find Good Weight Loss product?

    Hi all, I am a working mother of two, 6 years old and 1.5 years old (both boys)... :) After giving birth, I have gained 17kgs and couldn't go back to my original size... I have tried various slimming products but results are not satisfactory, some of them costs me a bomb ... T.T Working...
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    Upcoming Autopilot Slimming Program Intensive Workshop (9, 16 & 23 March 2013)

    ” In the past, I spent thousands of dollars on slimming supplement and gym packages with stringent diet. However, the resulst were NOT SUSTAINABLE. I was fustratated and it affected my confidence. After enroling into the Ultimate Slimming Program & coaching, I lost 1.7kg in 2 weeks without any...
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    Fun weight loss boot camp @ West coast park

    Hi! i'm from Ultifitness, a local fitness company that is running a fun weight loss boot camp program @ West Coast Park. The program is conducted every Monday, wednesday and friday from 7pm to 8pm. Total of 12sessions/month. This would be very useful for ladies who want to burn off unwanted body...
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    Slim down and lose inches the safest way! Safe for nursing mummies! [27/02/2013]

    Hello mummies, do you dream to have back your pre pregnancy figure? I have a product called Bios Life Slim which is the safest I have known and I have lost from dress size 18 to size 12. I have tried many slimming and weightloss products but failed. I have many customers even breastfeeding...
  18. beauticove

    Tummy Slimming Workshop

    For women who would like to find out how to deal with that stubborn tummy, waist and muffin tops, please join me at this workshop where I will be demonstrating a slimming massage and wrap technique you can do at home to get fantastic results. As this workshop is hands on, everyone will...
  19. beauticove

    Slimming Massage for body reshaping

    Hi Mummies I specialize in Slimming Massage plus wraps to get the figure back in shape. Great for new mums or ladies who have stubborn areas of fat that dont't respond to diet and exercise. I have treated many mums and working women. From my experience, these are the areas that require help...
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    Oriental Herbs Air Refresher w/ slimming function -1st in the world from Korea

    Gambisoo Air Refresher Giveaway Contest on facebook. ($700 worth of product) The best review with the most 'like' stands to win free prizes delivered to your doorsteps for free! For more information, please visit us at https://www.facebook.com/events/list...3419354046375/