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Discussion in 'Skin Care Beauty' started by maine78, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. maine78

    maine78 Member

    Anyone noes of a gd n effective product for acne/pimple scar lightening? Everytime after i squeeze my pimple/acne, there's always a scar which will remain on my face for 3-4mths be4 it fades away. Wan 2 look for a product tat can speed up the fading process.
  2. ct77

    ct77 Member

  3. maine78

    maine78 Member

    hi ct77, hv u try either products? izzit effective?
  4. Leanne

    Leanne Active Member

    Try SKII WHITENING SOURCE DermDefinition. It works :)
  5. sheerpetal

    sheerpetal New Member

    i've tried the neutrogena advanced solutions acne mark fading peel..
    not sure if you can get it here in singapore now but it works! my scars get lighter and lighter each time i use it... bought it from! hope that helps!
  6. xue

    xue Member

    Clinique post blemish formula is gd..:tlaugh: im workin part time at clinique..dat formula is gd..but it is oni use up very fas..but it reali has salycilic(duno if spellin is correct) acid in it..which actualli help to lighten scar..n if u wan ur scar to remove faster..u haf to scrub more often..coz there r dead skin cells surfacin on our face everyday..if u use clinique toner, it actually removes ur dead skin cell..but it is of coz..u stil nid to use a scrub..hope tis help u:001_302:
  7. pinkieroxy

    pinkieroxy Member

    hw much does it cost? TIA:001_302:
  8. EnFlor

    EnFlor Well-Known Member

  9. saikid

    saikid Member

    I use Artistry one... good for blemish control... my pimples went off in less than two days & scar also usually get fade & go off... It works really good... It costs S$15/ tube.
  10. af-gal

    af-gal Member

    i think Vitamin C can help lighten right.. am thinking is it okay to use Orange Juice then tap on the scar area.

    Anyone try b4.. is it okay?

    Care to share with us..

    Thanks yah
  11. heart311

    heart311 New Member

    Hi I wanted to but this product too. Since u have bought yours.. may I get your feedback. Does it works?
  12. lekdao

    lekdao Active Member

    Which range from Artistry?

  13. SCartoon

    SCartoon Alpha Male

    I have used the 180 anti aging therapy. it helps. the PHA helps to speed up the exfoliation of the skin w/o any discomfort.

    The other option is to use the latest technology, ageLOC.
  14. ysabelle

    ysabelle New Member

    hi, anybody tried Proactiv? im so desperate to get over my acne/blemish. one friend told me to try this product. but im worried because i went to se a dermatologist one time and told me i have a very sensitive skin.
  15. chariotte_soo

    chariotte_soo New Member

    Hi ysabelle,

    Last time i have this prob too! choosing the right pdt is impt. This pdt may be gd and effective for this person but not for someone else. I started to learn beauty and take care of my own skin and understand my skin better before choosing the right pdt. actually nutrition helps to lighten scars and acne as well. :)
  16. Corinna

    Corinna New Member


    Do you have oily skin and clogged pore problem also? You tried tea tree products before? My sis is using the Niu Er Tea Tree Pure Pore range and it works quite well for her. For myself I don't have acne problem but my skin is inside oily, outside dry. So I use Niu Er moisturizing range and hydrating mask. The rose night jelly is superb. We bought our products from You can go check it out if interested. Their service is good. Haha, the lady will give you freebies if you buy above certain amount.
  17. ZZZen

    ZZZen New Member

    Try Baviphat lemon mask or Tony Moly tomatox... both worked really well on me... as in they instantly made the skin lighter (very visibly), but within a day it goes back to normal colour but with repeated usage I undertand it's suppose to make the skin lighter... also not ex :)
  18. ZZZen

    ZZZen New Member

    Forgot to mention, these brands not available in SG. I get mine from a blogshop:
  19. Wonderwhy

    Wonderwhy Member

    I fully recommend EUMORA
  20. elyza

    elyza Member

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