Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation

can i know the divorce fee this lawyer charging. i'm checking on behalf of my fren.
I am going through Divorce and my lawyer is really good lawyer. Her name is Grace Malathy. She has very good Communication ability. She is perfect in Responsiveness. Quality of service is really great. Value for money is totally worth it. She is really good lawyer and negotiable. Her office is at Mountbatten Square. I would definitely recommend her to anybody. If anybody need more info pls send me SMS @ 85885490. I would love to share more details with you whoever is in need.


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Ms Gloria James-Civetta, Divorce Lawyer in Singapore. Ms James was educated in the UK. With more than 16 years of experience handling divorce cases and family law proceedings, Ms James is highly skilled at ensuring everything is taken into consideration in a divorce.Ms James is an appointed Associate Mediator of the Singapore Mediation Centre and Primary Dispute Resolution Centre of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore, and is a member of the Family Law Practice Committee of the Law Society Singapore. For More Help contact with s Gloria James or Call us for a free consultation on 63370469


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Can I ask. If the plaintiff (Me, wife) hires the lawyer to file a separation / divorce against the ex-husband (defendant), the lawyer fees is it all payable by the plaintiff & the defendant does not need to pay a single cent? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Can I ask. If the plaintiff (Me, wife) hires the lawyer to file a separation / divorce against the ex-husband (defendant), the lawyer fees is it all payable by the plaintiff & the defendant does not need to pay a single cent? Correct me if I'm wrong.
not necessary:) u both can decide on how the payment should b splitted...


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If I want the whole legal procedure payment to be paid by my ex, possible? Under what circumstances than he will be liable to pay ALL instead of splitting the cost?


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A lot of lawyers now offer free consultation.
I think one can call a few to see if you can clear some doubts and also know your rights.

You can try to call this law office. they offer free phone consultation.
Their legal executive, Elin is very patient and understanding. - 68505411

Good luck!
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my mum wants to get a divorce and needs a lawyer as the divorce is not a uncontested one; meaning we have to fight for the house. I would really appreciate if anyone is able to recommend a female lawyer who is really patient and does not charge too much for such a case. Anyone with personal experience would be good too.


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HI all....need to ask experienced mums here whether i m paying too much for my divorce. My ex-husband had an affair....
and I filed for divorce with a PI report.
No children but we are fighting for assets

I paid 3600 for the 1st stage of uncontested divorce to get decree nisi
another 3600 for ancillary matters (we are still in the midst of it) so laywer says costs gonna add up

my lawyer is a guy and I realised he very unsympathetic... i kinda regret engaging him but i m halfway there.... how??
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i need recommendation for a good lawyer to help fight for child custody and limited access by the father. Only complication now is i am not legally married to the father and thus he is lucky that he do not have to give me anything. In any case, i only want it for my child.


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Need help in complicated divorce matter. I am the father. I would also wish to get some help from those who had already divorced. Need help urgent.


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at tripchoc, sorry i do not understand why do you need to look for a lawyer to fight for child custody and limited access by the father if you are not legally married to the father. to my understanding, unless you are looking to file maintenance or if you want to legally adopt your child, else if have the custody of your child and the father of your child only have visitation rights.


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Need advise for the following:

Ive decided to divorce my spouse and proceeded to engage a pvt lawyer in dec. They took awhile to prepare the docs & wasnt able to serve the divorce papers to him as he wasnt around. Due to that, my lawyer suggested getting a court summon to have it paste over his last known address abt 2 weeks back. We had agreed upon initial cost of $3k but nw was told just fr the court summon to have it Paste over is additional $500..

Im quite worried right nw hw things are gonna be like as im sure it will be contested when it comes to our flat since its less den 5yrs MOP. My main concern is abt the hse & the maintenance. Till nw hes not been contributing anything to the hse loan except for $50 via cpf & only paid abt 10k when we gt the keys. Im servicing the reno loan as well. I dun earn much & paying all the expenses of my child.

Just was thinking if i could drop my current lawyer & seek for legal aid? Will they assist regards to fighting over ancillary matters? Could some1 assist me.
To surrender the flat means lose more money & i will not have a place to stay w my child.


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Salam to all Sisters & Mummies here.

I am new to this forum so i hope you can bear with me if im unsure on hw to do tis.

I am a muslim mum with 2 child, looking for a gd lawyer to assist me on a contested divorce.

Im am goin to see Marican this evening for consultation.

I have also emailed some other lawyers, i do hope to get some input on this.

Many thanks & may allah bless all of u strong mummies out there!



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Any good & sincere Lawyer to recommend for divorce/separation

Need help my wife wanted to divorce with me need a affordable lawyer or advice...maybe will be consented case....cause she said will not give me anything...btw I'm now in a big debt to clear...really need advice from you all...