Any Recommend in Good English Tutor For Pri School Student

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  1. Eloise Chen

    Eloise Chen New Member

    Hi, my friend's son just came from China. The boy will start his Pri 1 schooling this month, but his English is terrible, so urgently need a good English tutor.

    Any recommend???:Dancing_wub:

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  2. bubblesnowy

    bubblesnowy New Member

    hello i have a few friends who are tutors , if you still need help you can email me i can try to help =)
  3. MrsTing

    MrsTing New Member

    Hi I have engaged a private tutor to coach my girl in English as well and she have been showing substantial improvement in her grades. Moreover, I feel that the tutor is a very good role model for my daughter.
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  4. Eloise Chen

    Eloise Chen New Member

    TQ very much, I will try to contact her.

  5. limsiokhwa

    limsiokhwa New Member

    Hi Mrs Ting
    My girl is in primary 2. Her compo writing was terrible. Any good recommendation / good resources to improve her compo. Thank you.
  6. MrsTing

    MrsTing New Member

    Hi Siok Hwa

    Well after some recommendations of children's book from my girl's tutor, she fell in love with books written by Roald Dahl and is constantly hankering after more books right now. And that is why I am very satisfied with my girl's tutor. I strongly believe that language can only be improved by reading widely. So I suggest recommending some interesting children's storybooks to cultivate your daughter's interest in reading.

    Hope my advice helps :)
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  7. PrisTeo

    PrisTeo New Member


    For languages like English, personally i feel it's really difficult to teach by someone else. Maybe you can buy some english story books for your child to start good reading habit?

    Try to frequent Borders. They have very interesting story books for children. I usually bring my children there during weekends.

    If you want to find good tutor contacts, you can pm me. I have good experience with an agent who is responsible and committed to helping you =)
  8. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    I'm a current school teacher giving private tuition to Primary Level students. Just some comments of teaching english.

    English can be taught but it has to start from basics. For every tuition student I teach, we always start from basics (grammar, sentence structure). Many students do not perform well because they go not have a strong foundation in grammar. It pulls them down in many areas: composition writing, synthesis and transformation, cloze passage and comprehension. And these components are the ones that take up a larger percentage of the english exam done in schools.

    Some children have very wide vocabulary, but they lack basic grammar knowledge resulting in poor sentence structure and poor understanding.

    English tuition is not a overnight solution but with at least 3-4 months of work, the child will be more confident and will be able to see improvements.
  9. kay22

    kay22 New Member

    Hi Hi,

    My daughter is currently in Pri 3 and her comprehension and cloze passage always pull her marks down. I would like to check if u are still taking in students. I stay in Woodlands and like to engage a private tutor for her.

    Hope to hear from you soon....

  10. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    Sorry Kay, I only teach at Punggol area, preferably students coming up to my place at Punggol.
  11. kay22

    kay22 New Member

    No problem...but do you think you have any partners to recommend?
  12. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    Kay, I'll ask around as my friends who teach in that area do not have any slots left as I passed all my previous students to them. I just shifted to Punggol, so I had to let go all my previous students as the travelling distance is too far.
  13. jazzle

    jazzle New Member

    I am a current school teacher and is on leave to take care of my baby. However, I am doing tuition now during my free slots. I specialize in English but is proficient in all subjects.

    Let me know if you're interested to engage my service.
    PS: I stay in the East.
  14. rjk

    rjk New Member

    Am a trained teacher and have been tutoring for many years for pri/sec so I totally agreed with stonston. Language itself is not easy to master, thus must always get back to the basics. However, a lot of teachers/tutors dont't do that which is a pity.
  15. Cyn

    Cyn New Member

    Dear parents / Teachers,

    I am desperate mummy looking for a responsible and patient teacher to teach my Pri 1 daughter English and Maths as she is still having problem with calculation as simple as 9+5 where she still uses her fingers to derive the answer!!

    She started abacus class when she was 4 and show no improvement after 1 and half years, then switched to Kumon/MPM drilling style which doesn't work on her as well.... I am getting worried thus would like to get a private tutor to give her full attention and guide her the correct way to improve and tackle her Maths but have bad experience as well as the private tutor basically just sit beside her to go thru her homework with her which I myself can do that!!

    I sincerely seek help from all helpful parents to recommend a good and responsible English and Maths tutor to me pls!!!! My mobile is 82984442 or u can email me at or u can pm me here. Tks Tks!
  16. iamjulie

    iamjulie New Member

    Indeed, I agree very much that 1 to 1 tuition is definitely more effective (at least in MrsTing and my case) than group tuition. At least it gives my kid totally 100% attention as compared to group tuition. Somemore, my kid is within my view. I tried some tuition centres but most of the time, I noticed that my kid wasn't paying attention at all (I peeked inside the classrm). Anyway, to all parents out here, I'm a parent too so I felt your felt. If you dont't mind trying, here's my tuition agent's contact 84520582/84520583, and most importantly, they charged quite reasonably.
  17. iamjulie

    iamjulie New Member

    Sorry to hear what your previous tutor had done, basically I'd say it's just luck. Thankfully I'm lucky enough not to get this kind of tutor and on top of that, I realised my kid gets along quite well with her tutor (which is pretty good in my view).
  18. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    Hi iamjulie,

    Just curious, are you a tuition agent? All your posts seem to recommend your agent. Do join in the other threads/discussions about infants/toddlers/children :)

    If you are an agent, just be upfront about it & mummies here will support you if they need your services. We don't hide anything in this forum :) At least we know who to contact if we need to get tutors (I'm considering getting a tutor for my boy who needs someone to teach him phonics).
  19. iamjulie

    iamjulie New Member

    Hi stonston, fyi I'm not an tuition agent, it's my cousin who is, if you are interested to know. Not intending to hide anything, ya. I'm just supporting my cousin and that's all, and it's true that the tuition teacher she found for me is good. I shall apologise if I'm not allow to post this on here and could you please tell me how should I remove my posts, thanks. By the way, I don't usually respond to threads, I prefer to just read.
  20. yiru1985

    yiru1985 New Member

    I am a certified Yestuition tuition cordinator.
    Kindly advise on the following:

    1) Name
    2) subject to teach
    3) level
    4) contact number
    5) address of where the tuition will be held
    6) minimium requirement of the tutor
    7) rates
    8) duration of tuition
    9) no. of lessons per week

    I will reply within 24 hours with the best suited candidates.
    No commission will be collected from the parents!

    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further clarification on the above matter.

    Thank you.
    Best regards,

    Yvonne Tan

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