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A holistic therapy approach targeted towards clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers and Global developmental delay. Incorporating ABA, Expressive Arts and Play therapy together with DIR Floortime and TEACCH methodology, each client is provided with a tailor-made program based on their needs and unique learning profile. Areas Covered: Behaviour Communication Social Skills Self Help Skills Academics Our qualified therapists are experienced in the area of special needs with exposure in both local and international settings. Contact us now for more information!!! Contact: 96411774 Website:


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Now Available!!


Both weekday and weekend slots are opening up!!

Our therapy is child centred and caters to a holistic learning environment.

All our clients are ensured a tailor made program that targets both their strengths and weakness

Covering areas of Communication, Social Skills, Self Help Skills, Academics, Behavioural issues, Gross and Fine Motor Skills.

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Celebrating the opening of our NEWEST therapy room in the heart of orchard!!

Promotional prices:
$420/monthly: 1:1 90min sessions, twice weekly!!!!
$ 380/monthly: 2:1 90min sessions, twice weekly!!

Sessions starting from 20th December!!! Limited slots only!

Please take note that prerequisites apply for 2:1 sessions!

With our research validated, award winning autism intervention program from the US, we gurantee you improvements in your child!!

Our experienced and qualified ABA certified therapists will ensure a tailor made program that caters to your child's needs!!

Check us out @ home

Give us a ring!!! 96411774

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Mokzha Therapy- Academic Coaching SessionsOur unique blend of educational and developmental psychology practices together with TEACCH methodology and expressive arts therapies, ensures that our students are enjoys a learning environment that stimulates both their cognitive and sensorial learning needs.Our Academic Coaching touches on 3 main areas:- Executive Functions - Social Emotional Awareness- Literacy and Numeracy SkillsOur clients range from primary to secondary school students from both local and international schools. Our trained educational coaches ensure that lessons are differentiated to meet each individuals learning needs.We provide Home Academic Coaching from $80/ per sessions with materials provided. Each session would last 1.5 hrsWe also provide Centre Academic Coaching from $60/per session with materials provided.Each session would last 1.5 hrs. However our centre classes are in a 2:1 setting only.Call us @ 96411774 to find out more!visit our website: home

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Looking for a professional to support your child who has special needs or delayed in some domains such as writing skills, reading area?????

In Singapore, children who diagnosed with different disorders has been increased significantly recently. Most of the parents will send their child who has special needs to Early Intervention Centre (EIPIC) after received the diagnosis from the psychologist.

Other than sending your child with special needs to attend EIPIC, you can consider for 1-1 home based early intervention as the Educational Therapist/Early Interventionist/Handwriting specialist will work closely with you and support your child's learning and development during their early years (the most crucial years). The Educational Therapist not only provide support to you and your child in a home based setting, and will support in school as well as public settings too.

Kindly click into this link and get more information on this Home-based Intervention for Children with Special needs.

To find out more details, kindly contact and find out more:

Contact number: 8600 6015
Instagram profile: joyeux.e_