Baby Bronchitis


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My infant care teacher also told me swimming helps. It strengthens the lungs. She said no need to go for lesson type of lesson. Just submerge them in the pool neck down and let them kick in the water. That's what she told me. So far I only brought my son to the swimming pool twice. Tough to bathe baby outside of home esp in public pool toilets.
so means i just buy those swimming bath tub online + the neck float can alrdy?? cos outside water v cold + the water got chemical + other babies/toddlers urine inside =(


Hmmm... That should be be enough bahh... :) Ya it's cold in the pools. So I bought the thermal wear for my son.. Super ex man!! $60+ and the Velcro scratch his armpits... So wouldn't really recommend it. :(

Yeah can try buying those neck floats kind.

Why we prefered to bring him to the pool is so that we can carry him... and be part of the action. Hehehe. It's only the showering part that deters us.


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My daughter has recovered from bronchitis 3 years ago. I thought I should penned down and in case, anyone is distress just like I was many years ago.
Her bronchitis started <1 year old and it got worsened when she hit 3 years old. I went bongos to be visiting KKH every week. EVERY Week Room 9 I think. Where is the fastest queue in the emergency. The triage will say she cannot breathe then directed us to the express queue. There, 2 nurses + me will need to catch her and pump the [FONT=helvetica neue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]nebuliser. [/FONT][FONT=helvetica neue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]​ She hated it but we have no choice. It went on for weeks. The inhaler that KKH issued us was not friendly, It was a little hard for my young sick fellow and she wailed loudly all the time.

I went to see a PD and she concluded that my child was asthmatic and needed to be treated as an asthma patient ??!!

Not too convinced I saw another PD a friend recommended me and I never looked back since.

Our new PD was patient and steady. She didn't conclude my baby to be asthmatic. We upgraded the inhaler to a friendly version and strangely my daughter was not shy from it. It was softer and easier for me to puff. Next, the lung tonic was
[FONT=helvetica neue, helvetica, arial, sans-serif]prescribed to us. It took about 3 bottles to cure her. About 8 months with frequent review, my child was free from asthma and we stopped all medications.

:) I am really happy; really happy. For parents who needed to go to KKH emergency every week will understand my distress.. I am a very happy mother.

PM me if you need referee to my PD or support. I am so glad to share...


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Hi isabelandrew,

May I have your pd contact? My boy just got his first bronchitis. He is 11 months old now.. pd says it might come back again and if it comes back it will be asthma.

Many thanks for sharing.