EDD Jan 2012 Mummies

hi mummy..

sorry to interrupt... just wanna ask if anyone wanna bm? wtg bm dated end of apr onwards. Pls pm me for profile enquiry..



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Wow mummies still her??!!!

Anyone is a fully stay at home mum?
Hmm maybe wanna add each other on Facebook? Or email??

If u want to can add me too ? At
My daughter is 5 months old :) now
I'm a young mummy ❤❤❤

Maybe share tips or milestone of ya babies!
Hi, I'm a SAHM too! :) i have a daughter turning 4 this year and my lil boy is 4months now. :)
Hi fellow mummies,

My baby is 5mth+ now... Looking forward to the 6mth milestone so that I can start introducing semi-solids to him.
Until now, I do not give my baby boy water though my MIL had done so & given glucose water too! I keep on telling her that there is no need and should wait till 6mth then baby can drink a little bit of water.

I'm still doing partial EBM & formula feeds for baby's 5 milk feeds... usually 2 or 3 times EBM & 2 or 3 times formula depending on whether he's hungry before/after I express. For his final feed at about 7+/8+pm, I may not be able to pump in time if he's hungry just after I finished my dinner... So I would pump just before I sleep & chill it in the fridge & use it the next day...

I don't freeze my milk. Only chill & use it on the day or the next day. I'm glad that I managed to persevere till now. My initial target was exclusive breastfeeding for 16wks' maternity leave. But due to various reasons, it became partial EBM and I said I would try for 6 mths... I hope I can extend that to 1 year for baby's sake. :D

Jiayou, all mummies!


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Dear Mummies,

At this point of time, my son starts to dribble a lot, till his chin is sore and red. I guess he's teething now that's why drools so much.
Is there any cream to apply and sooth his chin?

Thank you :)


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For moms who are looking for organic 1st foods for their baby's...

I have bought too many jars for the holidays... Expiry in 2013.

Healthy Times...
Cabana Banana x 2
Little Veggie Stew x 1
Baby Sweet Peas x 1
Butternut Squash x 2
Garden Fresh Carrot x 2
Country Apple x 1
Farmhouse Country Vegetables x 1
Sweet Potato and Apple x 1

Organic Creamy Oat Porridge x 2

Only Organic...
Pear & Rice cereal x 1

Interested, please contact at 9769 0055. Thanks
:wong19:My baby boy is already 6mth plus & I have started him on semi-solids... rice cereals, fruit purees... He has started teething at 6mth. two little emerging lower front teeth. such a cutie.

I will wait till 7mth to introduce him minced pork congee.
I'm only pumping 2 times a day... but milk supply has dropped a lot. now 2 pumping can only be 1 milk feed (~180ml) for baby.

May be stopping EBM soon coz work is really hectic...


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Hi Jan 2012 Mummies,

My DD is 6.5 months now. she started solid food when she was 4 mths as she doesn't like her formula too much. our PD suggested that she can take solid food. She likes her porridge a lot. Btw, just to share with all mummies this "lobang". We have just bought a new playpen for $69 from Robinsons sale in expo. Original price was $169. It's very useful for her now as she is quite active. sp happy can put her in the playpen whie doing my work. However, I was given a second hand set of floor mat with ABC on it. I don't use it. I would like to give it away. Let me know if you would like to have it. Self collect @HF


Excited mummy: wow yr bb grown teeth already? That's fast? My bb just turned 6 mths last week, she's drooling buckets!!! Mayb she'll teeth soon too! I'm only starting her on semi solids in 2 weeks time, mayb cereal first. But she seemed real interested in what we eat everytime plus she's not been finishing milk at one go nowadays, often using 2-3 times to finish a bottle..

Did u try to feed instant food?


i went to a normal clinic whr my bb gets his jabs & we were given med for cough, phlegm n runny nose. Bb had fever then a week later had coughs n runny nose.


Hi mummies, anyone gave birth naturally at SGH & opt for class A1 single bedded? How much did you pay in total after all the deductions & subsidize?


wow, last post Sep 2012. Our babies are approaching their 2 years old now, how time flies!
For those mummies stlll monitoring this link, Happy mothering and happy birthday little ones!