Have you Sunat your girls?

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  1. A_LIM

    A_LIM New Member

    My husband is Malay and I am expecting a girl. My husband said he wants our girl to be sunat . What does this involve? and where can I do it? I have heard of male circumcision and my two boys from a previous marriage who have been circumcised. But I have never heard of female circumcision? he also said I should consider doing myself is that possible at my age?

    Like your thoughts
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  2. MizfitMumma

    MizfitMumma Member

    Hi there..For gals, they must be sunat at a very young age say after your confinement. It can be done at a clinic. As for yourself, its not necessary as you're a Muslim convert. As for the gal circumcision, its very hard for me to explain how its done. Dunno how to put it in words..
  3. foscom

    foscom Member

    did not think they do this in Singapore
  4. A_LIM

    A_LIM New Member

    Thanks. Does it involve cutting? how long does it take for my girl to recover? Can I do it if my husband really wants it or am I too old at 35?
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  5. NursMama

    NursMama Member

    yah... i also dont know how to explain how its done although i witnessed both my gals' procedures myself :nah:
    both done at different clinics by female Muslim doctors...

    dont think it's like the cutting for boys.... it's more minimal.... bb can recover by the next day?

    as for yourself..... errrrrrmmm... i'm not sure.... u might wanna ask the doctors wther its ok or not? i can give u the clinics address/no if u want :)
  6. A_LIM

    A_LIM New Member

    Hi Thanks a lot. Some people tell me they just nick the hood of the clitoris, others that they remove about one third to half the hood of the clitoris, other people say they remove the hood and clitoris. Obviously some of these are more drastic than others. Thats why im a bit confused.

    Let me know the clinics that do it. And a big thanks
  7. NursMama

    NursMama Member

    think it's this one.... coz it only involves a lil dip of blood...

    my gals went to these clinics... u can call them up :)

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Banyan Clinic[/FONT]​
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Blk 768 Woodlands Ave 6 Woodlands Mart #02-04 Singapore 730768
    [/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Tel: 6365 2001[/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Doctor: Dr. Elly Sabrina binte Ismail[/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Consulting Hours:
    Mon-Sun: 8.30am - 2.30pm,
    5.30pm - 10.30pm
    P. Holiday: 8.30am - 1.30pm


    631 Bedok Reservoir Road
    #01-968 Singapore 470631
    +65 64454711

  8. Ros0818

    Ros0818 Member

    hi hi

    Yup, i brought my girl to d same doc; Dr Elly Sabrina
    Dun worry. It will be very fast & quick!
    It's done within a few seconds... I brought my baby der when she's abt 2mths old. Doc will then give u a cream to apply on ur baby. My girl recovers very fast. She gave a quick shriek during the process but after tat she's fine. She nvr even cry after that. U can just give the doctor a call if u wan to find out more.

  9. nora23

    nora23 Member

    Went to Dr Balkis at Bedok. My 1st gal was then 6 mths old. It was very fast and only a pint of blood. My gal didnt cry and everything was per normal seconds after e sunat. Planning to bring my 2nd gal when she is 6 mths too.

    In sunat process, nothin is done on e clitoris. Only a small part of e clitorial HOOD is snipped. The Dr even showed me e snipped hood, very very tiny fraction.

    As for adult female muslim convert, I dont think its necessary to sunat. But its not wrong for you to do it either. Its best you consult muslim female doctors on e procedures and healing.
  10. MizfitMumma

    MizfitMumma Member

    Hi there.. yes, it does involve cutting. its not necessary for you to circumsize as you're a Muslim convert unless you want to. You can check with the clinic for the procedure.
  11. tangzcandy

    tangzcandy New Member

    Hi A_LIM,

    my bf is also a malay. my bf didnt ask me to sunat my gal but i did it as a respect to him even though my gal will be a chinese instead of malay. my gf brought me to the clinic. i jus brought my gal to sunat 2 weeks ago. there's jus a little bit of blood after sunat. it took about 1 day to recover. jus put cotton wool at her wound there. dr did not give me any medication for my gal. the cost is abt $25. my bf ask me to sunat when i check with the dr. the dr say its not necessary even if i choose to convert to malay one day.

    the clinic that i went to:

    Medina Medical Centre
    Dr Suraidah Ahmat
    Blk 201D Tampines St 21
    #01-1109 Singapore 524201
    Tel: 6588 2756

  12. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    My family is not Muslim but I read this topic with interest as I read a true story about an Arabian princess before and got very interested in this topic.

    In her story, she described about how her sisters were forced to be circumcised (yes, for those who do not know, sunat is the female version of circumcision) when they are around 10-12yo. & many prospective husbands rejected her because she was not circumcised (except one which she finally married to because he was educated overseas and do not believe in circumcision unless for medical reasons - he is a doctor).

    The way she described it was absolutely awful (removal of all the labia - the white flesh outside the vagina) and I did some research online before. This topic sparked off my interest to find out how this traditional has evolved over time and in different countries.

    Watch this video to know more first:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVxmDoklkJc - WARNING: You may end up crying after watching this.
    (You need to sign in as it's more over 18yo only)
    You can search for more videos on sunat perempuan - do note that some videos in the search results are pure pornagraphy, screen carefully before you decide on which to watch.

    The main belief of circumcision in many countries/cultures was to decrease the sexual desires in females so that they will remain faithful to their husbands (who sometimes may be away for long periods of time due to work). As such, they believe that removing the clit (or clitoris) reduces sexual desire. Some also believed that doing this makes the girl more 'calm' and not so 'feisty' (in the traditional thinking that females must submit to males).

    However, over the years and with medical knowledge improving, Singapore's practice is slightly different from what we see elsewhere in the world. I've spoken to a few doctors before; and here, they normally make a small nip as significance only. They do not remove any part of the clitoris (some parents do request to remove some skin on the hood of the clit though - to use in prayers after that).

    Many Muslims in SG are more modern and understand the possible consequences. They still do it to respect their traditions, but in a different manner.

    If you intend to do it, please do it when your girls are infants. They recover faster and generally would not remember a thing about it. Go to a reputable or well-recommended doctor too.

    If you feel that upbringing is more important that cutting the clit to 'tame' the girls, then do speak to your family about it. I know of some families who do not practice it anymore as they believe that how a woman behaves is largely dependant on how the family brought the her up and not through sunat.
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  13. A_LIM

    A_LIM New Member

    Thanks all.

    I actually decided to go for Sunat. It is available for adults, so I thought I would go before I do it to my daughter. I think I will be in a better position to know if it is ok for her after my surgery. My hubby is also happy Im doing it.

    They told me it will take about 15 - 20 mins. They did not explain fully what they intended to do, but they said something about cutting the hood of my clitoris, and said they would not touch the clitoris itself.

    Has anyone been through this as an adult or young girl?
  14. Mama Ina

    Mama Ina Well-Known Member

    Don't forget the famous doctor Zailan also do this.. I mean his wifey lahh.. (duno her name) Doc Zailan located at yishun chongpang area.. My 1st gal i went there.. We did together with piercing her ears.. Then the 2nd one we went to Dr Sabrina at woodlands but w/out the piercing.. Both gal while sunat i no see cos i so scared watever got to do with baby shouting even when send baby for injection.. heeheee.. I will leave it to my mum or hubby.. For adults not so sure..
  15. EnFlor

    EnFlor Well-Known Member

    Why would u wanna do it at your age ??? Go google and learn about the trauma that women in the third world countries have to go thru'. Just a What If question....What if something goes wrong?? I hope your husband and u do consider that.

    Just the thought of adult women having to go thru' circumcision gives me goose bumps and i shudder to even think about it.

    Maybe for a young infant it is still ok coz like some forummers said cut is just barely minimal. But still this is not religiously compulsory or WAJIB for a bb girl to go through it. Female circumcision is just a cultural practice.
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  16. haffa

    haffa Member

    Hello mummies...

    Auni had her sunat done last Tuesday. I brought her to Dr Adidah's Clinic located in Tampines. I didn't see wat the doc did coz didn't have the heart to but my sister saw through the whole procedure which took about 5mins. Auni cried a bit only but i felt sorry for her lah. I was so glad it was over..phew.
  17. tika

    tika Active Member

    A friend of my mom's asked me whether I sunat-ed my 2 girls. I said no, its not stated in the holy Quran that its compulsory for muslim girls to sunat. She looked surprised before saying "many years of female muslims have done it." I then asked her why they did it, she said its only wise to follow tradition. (I get the feeling she doesn't know why she did it either.)

    So just out of curiosity, whats the reason you mommies sunat your girls?
  18. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    Please read my post above on why they did it in the past :)
    If you feel that it's necessary and your family wishes to carry on with this custom (there's nothing wrong with that as every family's custom is different), do ask the doctor carefully on what is done EXACTLY. From what I know, SG is not as 'bad' as other countries where they remove the entire clitoris. It's just a snip for significance, no worries.
  19. C_Ang

    C_Ang New Member

    did not think this happened in Sg
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  20. A_LIM

    A_LIM New Member

    Did sunat a week ago. Actually very mild. They basically removed about a third of your hood and leave the clitoris in tact. So basically your clitoris is exposed rather than covered by the hood. No pain and recovered in under a week.

    Thanks for everyone for there help

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