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Hi mummies,

I am Michael, from Results Tuition agency.
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Hope you hear from you soon.
It will be my pleasant for me to serve you!



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I understand how u feel!! All of us just want the best for our children. My elder son is also very playful and slack when he was younger, we got him many tutors and tried to push him as he is the same type as your DD . He has no sense of urgency and really needed someone that push him and encourage him and at the same time patient with him to guide him through. I was very frustrated as well, cos I am working full time and my mother in law dont understand English at all..

But most of the tutors we got previously was not really patience and motivate enough so we keep changing tutors for my son , until when he was in P5 , we finally got a REALLY GOOD teacher for him, at first we also doubt how much can she helps cos she looks quite young, but according to my boiboi she is very patient and always encourage him, and from what I see is that I NEVER seen any tutor that put in this much of effort to help my son...

She knew that we were concern that she is just another fly by night tutor and she might not be the suitable tutor for us, so she offered us 2 FREE Trial lessons, and said there's no obligatory for us to hire her if she is not good or not suitable for our boiboi... Another thing which I am really amazed was she provides 24/7 service to my boi! when my boi don't how to do his question in the midnight during PSLE period, she answer him within 30mins with detailed answers via sms n mms even when its 3am... I think I myself also wont bother answering my boi as I am too tired....

She been teaching my boi since then and my boi is gg to sec 4 next year.. My another daughter is also under her tutoring... I think you are in the same desperate situation as what I was previously, so I really recommend u to call her up, her name is Ms Janel Tan (83187919)..

She has a classroom at Katong opposite 112 and I think she offer holiday programme (which provides extra FREE consultation for the students that are weaker and needs a push)... I am sending my gals to her holiday programmes as well... they do small focus grp tuition... and offer A LOT of help to their students..... they provide: free trial and assessments when students first join them and then provide 24/7 mobile solver system for students, free unlimited consultation and per lesson progress report and conducive environment..... etc etc... I type until tired liao... but I think your should give her a try... My boy used to score borderlinein P4 after we engaged Ms tan he passed his PSLE with flyin color he is currently in Duman secondary and I am sending my younger daughter in too...
Just chanced upon your post! Yes, Janel is a really dedicated tutor who has the special touch with students. She reminds me of my own tutor Ms Zara Lin whom I would highly recommend. She works with my daughter who used to get mostly B in Pri school.......... Now my gal gal is in Dunman High.

My story a bit long but in short, I hired this tutor who used to be my gal's relief teacher in Pri school. My earliest impression of her was that she was called Ms Angel by her students. My gal's Science grades were falling at that time, so I have to look for a tutor.......Ms Zara became my girl's tutor after talking to her in the canteen one day.

After that, my girl just started working harder and harder and basically fell in love with learning new stuff. Previously, she doesn't really like Science that much cos couldn't understand some of the concepts which her school teacher just zoom over, but Ms Zara was really patient, always explaining until she understands gal gal said she really likes Ms Zara and wants to do well, so she wouldn't disappoint her.

This tutor would also allow my child to ask other questions, not just Science questions as long as it helps and interests my gal with her learning.

Anyone wants her number, can PM me. She usually teaches around the Katong area now and out of her own home.
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Hello Parents,

I am a final-year PhD student at the University of Oxford, former top BSc. graduate of the Australian National University (First Class Honours) on a government scholarship, former graduate of Raffles Junior College (now Raffles Institution) with 5 As for A-levels including Biology, History, Mathematics, Economics, PW, and former graduate of Raffles Institution (secondary). I'd be happy to provide these credentials upon request.

I am available to tutor (via online video conference Skype or Zoom) the following subjects and levels:

- Science (Primary)

- Biology (O-levels, IB, A-levels)

- History (O-levels, A-levels)

- Economics (A-levels)

- General Paper (A-levels)

I firmly believe that the best way to help students improve is through building up their confidence and interest for subjects. Given the stressful, competitive nature of the Singapore school system, my sessions will emphasise a pace that your child is comfortable with, and be tailored to address specific areas of weakness, while also building on their strengths. I too used to struggle with exams, but found effective ways to overcome this. I would like to help you realise your child's potential.

Please drop me an email at or send me a message for more information and to arrange an interview.

Thank you for your time.