Painful feet!!!

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Judy, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Judy

    Judy Member

    Does anyone of u experience stiffness of the feet not leg? I do not know how to explain the pain except to say that when I wake up in the morning and place my feet on the floor, my feet feel very stiff and painful when I try to walk. This happens also when I walk/ stand too long.

    Does anyone has same experience as me too? <Sobs>
  2. MrsNeo

    MrsNeo Member

    ME TOO!! ^^ And the pain actually get more and more worst..
    guess is due to weight we are carrying.

    It's hurts alot ya?? Hope someone will be able to give us a warm massage~~
  3. justmint

    justmint Member

    on top of that could be water retention too.
    try soak in warm water..another is lift up your leg for the blood to flow away from your feet..thats the 2 ting I your feet as often as possible.
  4. mmy_lizz

    mmy_lizz Member

    judy,i hope u hang on tite..u know when i was preggie wit sha2, my feet got swollen. u can act press on 1 spot n it sunk in.. n also very draining.. back pain, tired plus heavy n all sort of things.. n my body too e armpit get dark.. n like kena heat rash, got pimples all.. ahyo~~but then again, aft birth.. i got a very adorable baby.. kinda worth la.. but then still take care horr..
  5. Judy

    Judy Member

    The thing is my leg is that they are not even swollen. It's just that every morning when I get up of bed, my feet (not the leg) feel very stiff and painful when I walk. Although the pain is still bearable..but it's rather uncomfortable.

    My mother has the same problem like this too. But that's because she's now in her mid 50's. Suddenly i myself feeling like a old lady liao. \:-(
  6. mygwen

    mygwen New Member

    ya, i have the same experience at times... think getting a comfty shoe is really helpful, especially those with cushion for the feet.
  7. leey

    leey Member

    Yes, I have too.
    And I go to the tailored shoe making shop and get one.
    Now the pain is reduced.
  8. usoowsin9

    usoowsin9 Guest

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  9. Porukadotzu

    Porukadotzu Active Member

    I got this also, sumtimes my feet not look swollen but feel pain. Guess its water retention too.

    And if taking a long walk should make sure use a comfortable shoes.. crocs sandals/shoes quite help.

    Just don't use those really flat sandals, they just make the feet more numb.

    At home, can wear those comfy bedroom sandals with cushions.
  10. madalene

    madalene Member

    Me too, suffering from Stiff Legs (both) every morning.
    Already been sleeping with my legs lifted on 3 pillows but still they are stiff.
    Can also notice that my legs are slightly swollen...

    Worst is, after shopping for a few hours, i start to feel some pain in the mid of my feet (very hard to go away even after massgaing my feet). not sure if they are related...
  11. Ah Cheng

    Ah Cheng Member

    Was the painful feet caused by the food we ate?
    Heard from my colleagues that by eating too salty or too sweet stuffs will cause the feet to be swollen and pain.
  12. Porukadotzu

    Porukadotzu Active Member

    Hi, I read tat if we eat too much salt or sweet in a large amount then can cause the preclampsia, and preclampsia makes the feet n face swollen..

    But if the regular test says we're ok and still got the swollen feet so it's just water retention. Drink plenty of water actually can reduce the swollen feet.
  13. Ah Cheng

    Ah Cheng Member

    Isnt water retention caused by drinking too much water?
  14. madalene

    madalene Member

    Huh? then how can we not drink water. I get thirsty very often leh.. especially at night. dun noe why... do you MTBs have the same symptoms as me? or am i just odd? or maybe that's why i got retention...
  15. Ah Cheng

    Ah Cheng Member

    Still can drink, is just not to drink too much at night (even when we are not pregnant - cos will get puffy eyes).

  16. evebo0m

    evebo0m New Member

    not only bcos of puffy eyes, it's bad for kidney oso!! cos night time is for kidney to rest. if u drink water ur kidney nid to 'start work'.

    i oso got swollen legs lor!!! bt good ting is that only my right leg is swollen. i feel lyk im floating on my right side of my body whenever i walk. :tlaugh:
  17. SH74

    SH74 Member

    my coll told me that if we eat too salty, our feet will tend to b swollen. mine, that time, were a bit swollen. painful only a while, when i get out of bed.

    aft that, control my salt intake. drink more water. really got better.
  18. i had very bad water retention, esp in my last trimester. but throughout my pregnancy my feet were ridiculously swollen. until my shoe size went up 2 sizes wor (& that one also still v tight)!

    today, 10 wks after giving birth, i experience stiffening of the feet every morning when i wake up, & everytime after sitting for a long time.

    i think it's because i walked quite a lot during preggy. also, when my feet were swollen i didn't bother to soak in water lah or even lift up when i sleep. mahfan leh i was already so tired carrying around 30 extra kg (yes tt's how much i put on!)

    i think you should ask your gynae for advise (he will probably tell you to soak your feet & lift up while sleeping lol) & you should follow it. otherwise after giving birth same problem will follow you around.
  19. evebo0m

    evebo0m New Member

    LOLS!!! me too!! i cant believe i can wear my husband's slippers now!! jus nice u noe!! so scary la!! cos very big n fat!!
    bt i tot preggy shd walk more often to exercise so tt u wil hav easier birth?? aiyo reali duno who to listen man. haha!!
    wah guess i beta start soakin my leg wid warm water. bt i gt put my feets up when i slp la. haha!!

  20. lol ... my confinement massage lady had to keep massaging my feet for 2 - 3 days in a row before my feet finally looked normal (it was still very swollen a few days after birth). but still not same size lah. haiizz

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