Sibutramin 10 or 15 mg?Which one is better?


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ceylarmoon, it's actually strange to hear you took reductil to lose just 6-8kg... it's usually recommended for overweight and obese ppl.

and to your surprise, YES - some people do not have side effects at all, it's all individual...


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Re: Sibutramin 10 or 15 mg? Which one is better?

I bought reductil 5 months ago and I have never thought it is going to chage my life to such a degree. I had nothing to lose indeed. I put this little site in my signature to let people know how effective Sibutramine can really be. Losing 24 kgs in just 5 months has changed my life dramatically and given my husband back the wife he needed in his life.
I’m able to be a part of his active life and not to sit down every 5 minutes and my chances of being together happy with my big family are getting better everyday.


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General the question is wrong.Both dosages are perfectly but you need to take it correct. If you need to lose weight with Reductil-Sibutramin,you should start with Reductil 10 mg (3-4 weeks), after that you can increase the dosage to 15 mg. I took it in the same way and lose 12 kg, but you can have better results.
The site that i trus and can recomand to all my friends is
Good Luck.


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I usually do not believe in the efficacity of all these pills sold on the Internet.

But I've decided to try Sibutramine .. I began with those of 10mg !

And I was surprised to see the good result just at the beginning.. !

I feel really good! My body is back to normal and I feel so full of energy that I could run a marathon! My husband and my children are also impressed about my new look! Thank you!I just ordered the redutil 15mg on - a good point is the fact that reductil must be taken as a contraceptive pill (same time) so I like ..

I will contact you for more details of this treatment ;)


I've heard Reductil 15mg works the best and I'm gonna give it a try as I've gained a lot of kg for the last months :(

Anyone tried sibutramine 20 ?


how's it going rachel? stil on reductil?
Hello Dolly, still on reductil and feeling amazing. So many kgs lost until now and I really feel like everything around is changing, my life, my look, my ... everything :)

I'm gonna stop it shortly, hope to keep my current weight for looong...


Congratulations Rachel! :)

Reductil is indeed a great product. i used it myself about half a year ago and lost all my weight. I never gained it back since that time :)


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Hey ladies!
This is my 2nd day on Reductil 15mg and I still can't feel like there is much changes in my appetite.
On my first day, i still had lunch and dinner, normal portions.
Is this pretty normal when you guys first started taking it?


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Dear all mummies out there.....

I couldnt access for a few days. Anyone facing the same problem as me? any other website to order reductil??


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Not good. I placed an order an paid on the 13th Jan, which is 2 days ago. Now the website is down, and I can't send any emails to their support email, it has been bouncing back.
Not sure who to contact at this point to get my money back.


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