Super super faint line on pregnancy test

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by misstheblue, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. misstheblue

    misstheblue Member

    I did a pregnancy test at home by using those online bought pregnancy test strip.
    I check the result after 10 minutes and I saw a super super faint 2nd line. Have to put under strong light then can see. What does this means? I thnk my period will only due this weekend.
  2. ftlad

    ftlad Member

    Buy Clearblue. The result is more obvious.
  3. mskyliee

    mskyliee Member

    If not u wait for a Lil longer before u test.... Maybe try next weekend?
  4. RinaBasit

    RinaBasit New Member

    Good luck and babydust to you!!
  5. Starla

    Starla New Member

    Blood test is most accurate.. It could be due to early pregnancy, the hcg level still not high established yet hence resulting in "not too obvious" reading on the kit.
  6. Jojoai

    Jojoai Member

    Mine is a super faint line the 1st time I took it. Was happy to see something and went down to confirm immediately ! You have a chance ! Better go to gynae and check ! All the best. :)
  7. Ivy Miao

    Ivy Miao Member

    congratex!!! Mine was fainted line once. Was 2week preg. Took blood test and..... ta-daaaa!!! Bb girl!!!
  8. diza

    diza Member

    Congrats!! A faint line no matter how faint and esp when it's within 10 min, it's a sure positive sign. Just that ur HCG is still low. Try testing again a few days later. I actually used those very cheap tester frm CK store. So when I saw a positive line, I double confirm with Predictor. And now im in my 35 weeks :)
  9. misstheblue

    misstheblue Member

    Just to add on, the super faint line dont occur within 10 minutes. I didnt see anything within 10 minutes, but when i put there like more than 10 minutes a faint line appear.
    Anyway I oredi re test with clear blue digital yesterday morning and it shows "Pregnant 2-3 weeks"
  10. ErinMummy

    ErinMummy Member

    congrats! I'm hoping to have a second baby soon...
  11. fuyumi

    fuyumi New Member

    If u still want to use a test kit then u can buy a few different brands to be sure if it is a positive.
  12. hueychye79

    hueychye79 Active Member

    Used Clearblue Digital, it can show how many weeks you are pregnant. Very very very accurate.....
  13. cn naz

    cn naz Member

    my second line was very faint, too. after some time, it'd be darker. congrats, mommy =)
  14. chairhugger

    chairhugger New Member

    Pregnancy test kits are never almost never wrong. Do note that the results need to be taken within 5 minutes (or as the packaging says). Faint lines appearing after a long time could be evaporation lines.

    Faint lines usually indicate very low HCG levels, so test it again after 2 days. Good luck!
  15. diza

    diza Member

  16. fuyumi

    fuyumi New Member

    Congratulations! I hope to be able to see a faint line or BFP soon. :)

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