What do you do when you are unhappy/sad?


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before kids - buy a family size bar of chocolate, bring a book and go to the beach for an afternoon

after kids - buy a family size bar of chocolate, get a book and try to hide somewhere in the house!


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may cry or blog. usually talk to friends on watsapp or in here. i like to type it out... whether in blog, to friends or in forum.


Depends on what matter that's affecting me leh.... I can so something random / cry/ sleep.... But cry only for super jia lat matter leh... :)


Crying out like nobody business when I am alone.. this is the only way for me to let out. I don't have anyone to talk to.. no one understands me...


For me is CHOCOLATE...

Chocolate is my best friend, went ever I'm sad, stress I will eat it while watching movies that I download...
Few things i do when im upset.

When upset with hubby, i ignore him and look at my kids faces, play, tickle, kiss, hug my kids.
when i got moodswing i eat chocolate or take a long shower and sing
when im worried sick or anxious i talk to my very-positive-hubby
when im not happy bacause im tired taking care of 2 kiddos, i look at my bank account, make a budget and do online shopping or request for 1/2day leave(if granted by hubby)


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1) hide in 1 corner or maybe hide in toilet to cry my heart out. after that i will be ok.
i can do this because i do not have kids at the moment.
2) shopping therapy! buy new clothes, new shoes. always so happy with shopping.
3) pamper my hair. go salon do some treatment.
4) find a place to vent. like forums.
5) watch drama. sometimes i watch old dramas all over again.
6) tell my hubby that i am not in a good mood and he will give me a good hug.


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keep to myself.
sometimes cry at night before bed and wonder why do the bad stuff happen to my sis and me.
but i guess life is destined like that.