What should i do .. i feeling of dieing


hi jasmine , I also use to stay at home .. prepare to conceive at that time... I find that " our husband " maybe feel that we stay at home so they take this advantage n think we good to bully .. cause that they find that we need to depend on them .. like own them like that ...maybe when ur kids older you go and work n save some ur own money . And about the money issues I find that you don't have the needs to complain to your in laws cause they mostly side their son no use de ... my that guy is a stingy man I never thought he will spend on gal .. then now I know already stingy man also will spend on other gal .... sorry if I complain alots here as I had lesser friend to talk to as some of them r still single they cant understand my problem....


Hi Angelababi,

I guess my problem is same as you but the different is your husband having affair so i can understands your feelings.
My friends also don't understands my feeling yet we don't have the same topics. So don't worry. You can speak out your feeling here with us and you feel much better.
My husband also is a stingy man. Men only knows how to use their mouth to talk sweet when wooing us but when they got you they treat you differently.
All now you can do is be strong as move on. :)


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Angelababi, ya wat u hv said is correct, our man will feel us useless if we r not working. My husband always say i not contribute to the hse ( he paying for e hse loan), so av time when quarrel he wil jz say choose to stay or leave is up to u, if choose to stay i must endure his unreasonable... Can imagine? Wat my feeling will be? I sacrify my job n be a SAHM take care e kids, nw he say im not contribute? Some times really feel man r hopeless. They can be so cruel to us, but we woman always so soft n kind hearted, being forgive n forgive n get hurt n hurt...anyway wish u all the best n be strong. Btw wanna ask, hows ur baby now? Pm me if u need fren to talk to. Jia you
Glad you made your decision.
You are already very brave to go through all these and your husband is a downright jerk.
He will get his retribution and for you, wish you all the best. Look forward to a better guy and a happy family in the future.
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pls dun rush in to any decision n keep urself healthy

Hi gal... u can pm me I gone thru the same situation with u n I kept my baby... my baby is the best thing to me. We can chat privately