what to drink as replacement for water during confinement?

Discussion in 'Confinement Period' started by felicity, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. felicity

    felicity Active Member

    I was reading up the threads under the breast feeding mums support group and see that mummies need to take in plenty of fluids to produce milk... During confinement we can't drink plain water right? I only know of the red date tea and milo, what other forms of fluids are available to replace water during confinements? Thanks!
  2. ftlad

    ftlad Member

    Can drink plain water, warm.
  3. Tannie

    Tannie Member

  4. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    Some said have to drink longan red dates tea thru out the confinement. my CL and mum had the same mindset too but I cannot take in too much longan red dates tea cos too heaty for me so after few days of confinement, i resumed back to plain water.. I drank warm or room temp plain water. and also Hot milo, Hot soup. =)
  5. steffywoofy

    steffywoofy Member

    how do we prepare the longan red dates tea?
    how much longan and how much red dates to make a pot/jar/flash of tea?

    i am a 1st mom and not getting a confinement lady.. so dont know how to go about preparing the drink.... :)
    can we drink during pregnancy or have to drink after giving birth? thanks :)
  6. apollo

    apollo Well-Known Member

    I rmb is cook tgt with water.. using red dates, dried longan.. but as for how much red dates and dried longan to use, i not very sure.. maybe u can 'agaration'? cos i dont think my CL 'measure' how much was used.

    I drank once or twice during preg but didnt dare to drink alot, cos very heaty. best is drink during confinement..
  7. verieying

    verieying New Member

    I am the heaty kind.. So instead of longan etc... I drink black bean water as it 'huo xue' I think... And I drink lots of warm water on gyne's advices he says it is essential to prevent uti common amongst confinement ladies due to lack of plain water...

    And I overheard the old experience staff nurse saying that drinking purely longan and glutinous rice water could up jaundice for some babies... So maybe some warm waters really good for us and babies? ;)
  8. felicity

    felicity Active Member

    Oh ok.. Thanks ladies! I asked my mum who will be doing confinement for me and she says strictly no water, only the longan red date tea or fried brown rice water :/
  9. Tannie

    Tannie Member

    U can dilute the longan water with warm water....
  10. felicity

    felicity Active Member

    thanks Tannie! i think i'll just tell my mum to make a teapot each day and i will just dilute with hot water when i need it... hope like that not too heaty and enough fluids intake :) i think she intends to make a big cooking pot each day for me to drink whole day... probably tell her no need so mafan :p

    just did a search and found this so just to share :)
    Singapore Motherhood and Parenting Forum - Confinement Beverages You Can Enjoy
  11. Mummy to Baby V

    Mummy to Baby V Well-Known Member

    I stopped red dates tea after 1 week because baby was getting yellowish and home-visit nurse said jaundice may be prolonged if mummy keeps drinking red dates tea.

    In replacement, I drank Earth Mama Angel Baby milkmaid tea. Soak 1 tea bag in hot water, can refill up to 3 cups. Good to boost milk supply too. :)

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  12. mei2009

    mei2009 Member

    I bought a lot of raspberry leaf tea to drink in these final weeks before delivery. Caffeine and calorie free! But keeps me hydrated and full when I feel like snacking. Going to keep drinking that after delivery to help tone uterus and to supplement the bottle of red date that comes with my confinement tingkat lunch.
  13. vel

    vel Member

    Red dates should I get big or small ones???
  14. Bearygum

    Bearygum Member

    I drink red dates + 党参 + 南枣 and "rice tea".

    I am also the heaty types and I was suffered with sorethroat since the first day of my confinement due to all the heaty drinks and foods.
    So my CL prepared "rice tea" for me, which is less / not heaty.

    She fried the normal rice in the pan till golden color then mix with hot water. Just like how we prepare tea.
  15. Kokura

    Kokura Member

    Er.... So u mean it is oily water you are drinking??? :err:
  16. MoMoMum

    MoMoMum Member

    Kokura, you just fry the normal rice without any oil till golden color, so it's like roasted rice taste, not oily taste at all :)
  17. Kokura

    Kokura Member

    Thanks MoMoMum! :eek:
  18. thanku82

    thanku82 Member

    Brown sugar water 紅糖水,but don't consumed more than 20g per day
  19. cgal

    cgal New Member

    anyone din follow e confinement strictly? like drinking ice milo instead of hot milo? actally wats e reason for nt drinking cold drinks?
  20. Kokura

    Kokura Member

    I have a question. After delivery, usually mothers will have to be hospitalized for 1-3 days. During this period of time, do you drink longan/red date tea in the hospital??? Does the hospital provide such service for you??? And is such a tea service chargeable?

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